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Thursday, March 30, 2006

One of those days....

Last night I swore that I would make it to the gym at 10 am so that I would get a good cardio session in before I did my workout with Julie. My reasoning is that if I get there an hour before my session with her then I am forced to do cardio, I will have nothing else to do. Anyhow this was my plan. Here's what really happened:
7:40am: Alarm goes off, Adam turns it off, we go back to sleep.

9:00am: Adam gets up and takes the puppy for a pee, and brings the puppy back to me; warm sleepy puppy wants to cuddle, I oblige. Adam checks his "email".
9:15am: Adam comes back and goes for his shower, he takes a really long shower... was that email???*
9:35am: I seriously think about getting up and ask Adam to take the puppy to pee again, he says that he has to leave in 5 minutes, I panic and remind him about his lunch and breakfast.** He says he'll take care of it. Return to puppy cuddling.
9:40am: Adam kisses me goodbye, and I promise myself only 5 more minutes, after all I only want to do 40 minutes of cardio and the gym is only 7 minutes away...
10:00am: Five more minutes....
10:05am: Five more minutes....
10:10am: Five more minutes and turn over.
10:25am: OH CRAPOLA! Five minutes my ass! Fly out of bed, run through the house naked trying to find the right workout pants.
10:27am: Locate said pants, and put them on (the were hanging in the spare bathroom where they were line drying)
10:28am: Take puppy to pee, wait.
10:29am: Reward puppy.
10:30am: Remember to nourish self. Make a shake, have an idea to add honey on top of powder. It doesn't mix well, drink chunky honey'ed pastey shake. Try not to gag.
10:40am: Go to brush my teeth, grab toothpaste, squirt on toothbrush, and realize that it's hand cream.
10:40am: Curse, a lot.
10:42am: Now it's toothpaste time.
10:44am: Assemble puppy restraining devise, find puppy.
10:46am: FOund puppy, many kisses, shoes on leave.
10:47am: Go to elevator, go in, push button, notice something is wrong. The light's off, refuse to take elevator.
10:48am: Try to find stairs to basement, curse that this complex is a maze, make it to 1st floor parking, break down and take dark, scary elevator.
10:53am: Drive to gym.
10:54am: Wet pavement, skid car, miss parked fan, curse at sports car....
10:56am: Wait for stupid Jaywalker to cross, curse at him (underbreath while smiling at him).
10:59am: Arrive at gym, realize that I don't have my wallet and therefore no ID, which I need.
11:00am: Fire evil looks at the recptionist who snarked at me for not having my ID.***
11:01am: Find an empty locker ditch my stuff and meet Julie, who thankfully is always late like me.
11:01am-12:10pm: Work out like there's no tomorrow.

*I'm kidding about the implied non-email. I'm sure he checks his email and reads the news... but that isn't nearly as funny, and he did take a really long shower....
**He never eats unless I remind him, he won't eat breakfast unless I tell him what to have and he won't take a lunch unless I pack it, and although he isn't picky he does't really like lunch stuff. So I have a whole freezer full of meals that he can grab for lunch, and since they are frozen he won't have to put them in the fridge where there is no room.
***The ID checkers are lame. My last name isn't the same on my ID as it is on my gym card and they have never mentioned it. When I asked them if they have ever noticed the lady said that sometimes people have different first names, I reminded her that it was my last name that was different. So they really don't look at it, and gives me grief that I didn't have my ID... Crimony!

Well that was my morning. My workout went really well and I have some letters to some of the gym people. I'll write them later today or tomorrow. I think it's funny, but I lead a bit of a sheltered life right now.
I'm going to BC next week and I am all excited! TESSA TIME YAY!
There will be a lot of pictures!


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Mishmash vol 2

If you look at the time marker on this entry you will see that I am missing my drawing class. I have an excuse, I swear! I did a load of jeans yesterday, and with my sporadic laundry memory, they are still wet, so I don't have anything to wear. For the record I am not wearing my dress clothes, although I have heaps of other pants, I am still recovering from dressing like that from work. And really, I don't much like the class, it's like a bad uni class. The teacher can't seem to layout a lesson plan, and he insists on talking to each of the students while the rest of us all sit and wait for him, it's dull. I guess it would be ok if we all had more to do, but I didn't and it was horrible.
Moving on, I watched Apprentice last night. I get so fustrated watching it. Sometimes I wonder about the contestants. They are rather self involved. "Me, me me, I, I, oh and myself, and lets not forget me!" Their commercials were lame, I can understand how an idea and escape you as you work on it, but the Leaders seemed so convinced that they were pure genius that they totally missed the boat, pun intended! Oh and Tarek, Mr. Mensa, I can't stand him... sigh, I can't wait until he's all fired. And the teamleader that won, I can't remember her name, but I'm not a fan of her either. Well I guess that I'll leave it on that... I could babble on about The Donald and his crew.
Bonsai seems to be recovering from his sedation, he was a cuddle bug all night, and wanted more all morning. As we were lavishing a lot of attention on him he didn't drool like he is wont to do. Weird. Maybe that has something to do with his teeth, but he has drooled his whole life. I guess we'll wait and see.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Casa De Berkan depandants

Today we took, Sir Squeeks-a-lot and Sir Poos-a-lot to the vet. Bonsai had to get his teeth cleaned and Chachi his 2nd puppy shots. I had to leave Bonsai there all day becasue they had to sedate him to clean his teeth. Overall the vet said he was healthy, and now he has pearly whites. He could be a movie star his teeth are so white. He does have an infection in his gums so I have to give him an anti-biotic 2X a day. Other than that he's doing great for a senior. The vet thinks that we should do blood work on him to make sure that everything is all good, and we are still undecided. He seems really healthy to me, but it's not really cheap. On the other hand, this would diagnose something in the early stages and would let him live longer, and can you really put a price on health? I know where I stand, and I am sure I know where Adam stands on it. So we will have to talk about it. But Bonsai is really healthy.... I might lose this descion.
Now Chachi, he is all full of piss and vinegar as per usual. He slept a lot of the afternoon, but that isn't always off for him. He is a sleepy puppy, but he is growing. He was a whole 1/2 a pound heavier, which makes him 2 1/2 pounds, in Canada that is a kilogram. Bonsai was actually down 2 pounds from his Canadian weight which is good, we had him on a diet, he was a little chubby and now he's the perfect weight.
In any case they are both good. Bonsai is his pre-puppy suck and a little drowsy, but he was sedated today so it's okay.
(Beware some mushy stuff)
I'm glad they are both ok. I really love them and I would be awfully sad if anything happened. I was really upset when the puppy was sick, and when they gave me the medication for Bonsai I paniced a little. "Why does he need medicine? He ONLY GOT HIS TEETH CLEANED!" They were all nice and told me why, and I calmed down, it's not like I freaked out, but I did feel the blood rush to my face (which was already red casue I was at the gym).
Well I am going to go and pack some dinners for Adam for when I am out of town.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Big Questions.

Today I was pondering some of life's biggest questions.
1. Why can't evolution and creationism co-exist? Is there proof that time hasn't increased? Perhaps the original six days really took what we would like to be like 4.6 billion years less 2006 years? Therefore everything that happened according to evolution could have happened according to creationism, minus Adam and Eve and stuff, but whose to say that Adam and Eve aren't a suggestion? Perhaps the whole Bible is meant to be a suggestion, just giving people an idea of what is good. Perhaps it should be renamed, "Moral Life for Dummies".
2. Does Febreeze have cancer causing agents in it? We are told to spray it on everyting liberally. Adam and I were questioning this.
3. This question was one that I was wondering. How do guys pee? Like do they use the crotch hole in their underwear, or do they just pull the waist band down?

As you can see I had a very thoughtful day, it's like I am a reincarnation of a great thinker, Plato, Aristotle??? What do you think?


We went looking at bikes again yesterday, and we are still having a heck of a problem trying to find me a bike. Apparently, APPARENTLY, I'm too friggin' short for even an extra small, I need an extra extra small, and they don't really come in the colours I like. Sigh. Now this sucks.... Just for added torture we were looking at biking shoes, no chance in a firey place that they have any in my size, they will have to order some in for me. It's like some diety is playing a cruel joke on me, and IT'S NEVER ENDING. Well Internet that is my rant for today. I am not an extra small, I am an extra extra small. Hey it's like I'm Nicole Ritchie without needing a hamburger! (oh and much better writing skills ?) Seriously her book-- dreadful!

Today I wanted to talk about Bonsai a little, I talk about the puppy so much, and so little about the cat. He is not a fan of the puppy, and since we have gotten him, he's become more of a cat. That is strange to type, but he has become more cat like and less well, Bonsai like. It's a little disturbing. He is always crying to go outside, so Adam takes him for walks on his leash, whcih he loves, but as soon as he comes back in and gives himself his bath, he starts with the crying again. It's maddening. So we are patient with him and give him lots of lovin' which turns him back into Old Bonsai, complete with all the drool, but as soon as you stop the lovin', more crying. RAR. Today I went to pet him, and I accidentally poked him in the eye with my finger, poor kitty, now he's walking around all squinty. I feel horrible, so bad that I have to tell the whole internet about it. When I publish this, I'm going to find my horsehair shirt....

Well I was going to give youa treat of some Kitty pictures, but Blogger doesn't like me today, so I'll try later.


Saturday, March 25, 2006

Guess What!?

Chachi's balls dropped.
Snip snip sweet puppy. Snip. Snip.

Invitation picture

This is our invitation picture... Ain't it pretty?


Hey all,

So for the last few weeks I've been taking the light rail train to work. I ride my bike about 8 blocks to the train and then a couple of blocks from the other end. It works pretty well and as long as I pay attention to the train schedule it's only about 45 minutes.

Yesterday, though, Dea and I slept in a little late, and before I knew it the train was on mid-day schedule: 30 minutes between trains. And I was just barely not going to catch the next train. So I decided to ride to work. About a week ago I was riding to the station and decided it was a nice day so I rode past the station and straight to work. It took a little over an hour. It was great.

Yesterday, though, The Headwind. I turned the ride from a pleasant "Isn't California great" moment to a gruelling torture that refused to end. And the rain clouds started forming.

The worst insult: I got passed by the train about 5 minutes before I got to work..

Oh well, I suppose it was still good for me. But I took the train home :)

It's Tea-Tastic

Last night Adam and I went for dinner at this yummy Thai restaurant. Then on the way home we stopped at the local neighbourhood funky Asian store and bought a plethora of tea. Right now I am drinking some bizarre energy tea, and I am in the process of making some Thai iced tea. Today is Tea-Day! Those of you that knew me when I was younger will remember how I loved to collect things. Dolls, masks, soap, well now they are all packed away and I would like to project the image that I don't collect anymore, but I do. I have a whole cupboard devoted to tea. I have a couple boxes of various green teas, including a strawberry green tea that I bought last week, I have lots of herbal teas and lots of black teas. I can make Chai tea, various types of iced tea, and standard hot tea. There isn't anything that I can't make. To compliment the tea collection, I have different kinds of honey and sugar for the tea. Also now I have different kinds of milk. For Thai iced tea, you need condensed milk, but to lower calories I am going to use evaporated milk. And just for fun, I'll have a plain ol' cup of black tea with brown sugar and evaporated milk just like my grandpa did.
Are you ready for a dog update???
Oh good.
So Chachi is getting wise to the pee in the box and get a treat. So this morning at 4:30 am I took him to his box, and he peed, all groggy, then came out of the box and looked at his treat sitting on the chair, and waited for it. So I gave it to him, even though it makes him hyper. I guess he was too tired cause when we got back to bed he curled up and went to bed. Later when we got up Adam took him to go to his box and he went pee, and left his box and went to Adam for his treat. Which he got. Then he went back to the box and pooed, and then went to Adam for another treat. Little Buggar! He's learned that if he is near us he gets a treat if he goes in the box, however if we are not near him he doesn't get a treat, so he can pee anywhere.
And a little secret, I like it better when he poos on the carpet than pees on the carpet, a poo is a lot easier to clean! Although I will prefer him to only use his box, and I won't give up on training him.
When he is in the office with us he tends to pee and poo anywhere, and we can't really get mad at him casue we have this part of the house blocked off so that he can't get in here when we aren't here. We have to carry him in here; which means when he is in here he can't get out. I broke down and put a wee wee pad in here so that he doesn't go on the carpet. I am sure that I shouldn't have, but the apartment place has $1800 as security, I want it back!
Well I should go and check my tea situation, and I am going to wrangle Adam to write a post.

Friday, March 24, 2006

I'm leaving on a jet plane

You know, sometimes I question my own intellegence.... I typed in the title and then I hit enter which published a blank entry, so then I have to go back... really intellegent. I know why I am so blonde today, duhhh I live in California, and I have been at the gym a lot, which alone reduced IQ, and when you mix the two, oh poor me.
So the gym, I know I talk about it a lot, but, it's all I do, and go to classes and marvel at the old people and how-- old they are.
Anyhow today there was a really odorific smell in the area I was working out in. It made me wonder what the ratio of proper air to fart air there is in a gym. Seeing as when you are straining you fart more. I wonder if there is a way to measure it, like a fart-o-meter. I also wonder if it is harmful to my health. Like is the fart-air more detrimental to my health then not going to the gym, or reverse? I bet I am losing braincells just thinking about it. In anycase I was wondering this when I was doing my millionth lunge. Yes one million; although my trainer is little she is a killer. Oi she makes me work hard, but I guess that is what I am paying her for. Really I can't sing her praises enough she's great.
I loved the other day how a random guy came up to her and told her that she has a fine form, ie her body. I was thinking that he had balls the size of 2 pound medicine balls to say that. In any case we had a good laugh. He did too, becasue about 5 minutes prior I was demonstrating the "white person dance" complete with NO RHYTHM.
Well Adam has been jostling the computer and totally disrupted my blog vibe so I have lost it.... sigh, it's gone.
In anycase I am so glad that everyone is leaving comments. It makes me feel so loved. You're all lovely, and nice, and pretty!
Oh yeah I have a question... veils, what kind to go for. I have to have one because we bought this nifty broach that we are going to fashion onto the veil somehow instead of a tiara. But I am waffling between lenghts and how to attach it so I can take it off... and all that.
Sorry for the fart talk, but well... it was on my mind.
Well I'm off, I think I am going to go and watch a movie, but first I am going to finish listening to Daniel Beddingfield, I fell into fan-lust with him when I was England... sigh... he's so dreamy. And before you yell, I know I'm getting married, and I would like to have a married woman tell me that Brad Pitt isn't hot... any takers? Yeah I didn't think so.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Did you know?

That for every two pounds of feed a cow eats it emits one pound of methane?
WOW that's fart-tastic!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


If your pet is on the Ark, so are you.
And the Chach-Meister, or Sir. Poos-a-lot is doing a little better with the peeing in the box, and a little on the pooing, but I still find little logs. Good thing he is all little so they aren't hard to clean. (and he's not sick anymore so they aren't staining) Also if you don't like the pet poo talk, just wait until I have a kid.... oh then you will be in for it!
Since I am on the topic of Chachi. I havne't had a gushy post about him.
So in the picture a while ago his ears were still loppy, they're up now, which is good for a Chihuahua, I prefer them all loppy though. I'll post a picture soon enough. The next big milestone for him, is having his balls drop, I bet you can't wait for that picture too.
Moving on, he's discovered that he can bark, it's cute and he barks when he plays, but it's not being encouraged. Seriously, it's funny as hell when he barks at his water! He gets all piss and vinegary when he plays and is full of energy, he runs laps of the livingroom then has a power nap in the closest lap. He loves to stalk the cat, and I think Bonsai knows this and intentionally flicks his tail for him to stalk. Which bears the question, do dogs stalk? Seriously I have a cat who behaves like a dog (currently he is on a walk- on a leash- with Adam) and a dog who behaves like a cat.... sigh, apparently I'm not so good at this animal raising thing... God help us when we have children. Anyhow earlier today Chachi was trying to scratch on Bonsai's scratching post, and I nearly peed myself cause it was funny. However it wasn't so funny a few steps later when I stepped in a puddle....
Chachi is still convinced that he must be within a foot of me at all times, and he is super clingy when I am home. Today when I got home I started putzing and doing laundry and such and he was inches off of my heels and I kept tripping up on him, so I broke down and started carrying him around. Do you have any idea who hard it is to do laundry when you are holding a puppy? I guess some mothers would have an idea.
Well that is my Chachi update. He is all cute and all personality-ish. Right now he's sleeping on the desk in a little bed Adam made for him. No one can say that we don't spoil our pets.


To keep myself busy I am taking some classes. They aren't anything really spectacular, a ceramics class and a drawing class. I really like the ceramics class, I enjoy being creative in the 3rd dimention. The drawing class, not so much, so far it makes me want to poke my eyeballs out. The teacher is more concerned with teaching Art History than the actual act of drawing. It's painfully dull. Not that Art History doesn't have its merits, but when you're not expecting it, you will want to poke your eyeballs out. Funny thing though, although I have been out of uni for 5 years now, I still had the urge to write copious amounts of notes... sigh I guess once it's in your blood it's always in your blood. Eventually we did get to draw something, ohhh Internet I got to draw boxes, oh the excitement. Now when are they bringing in the hot naked guy?
Speaking of hot guys, well not hot, and not so much a guy, more of a wrinkly old guy, the little grandpa sitting next to me in the class was bragging to his friend about his 'Lady Friend'. Apparently she is "quite the looker", oh and Gramps, he's married. So I guess the dog movement isn't sequestered to gen X only. Men.
The girl who sits next to me in my ceramics class is really cool and her and I have a lot in common besides having spare time in the middle of the weekday and not being eligible for social security, she is planning a wedding, she likes to ski and bike and well she's cool. We were talking about Google and that is where her and her fiancee are employed (she's on a hiatus). I was bound to meet a Googler eventually, and it's a good contact, good for Adam. And I want to befriend her because she's cool not just casue she has a great job.
Yesterday in the gym I got the weigh in and mesurement. Rar! Makes me want to punch something. I haven't lost weight, but I have lost a half inch from my bicept, a quarter inch from my forearm, a half inch from my neck, a inch from my waist, an inch and a half from my hips, a half inch from my thighs and claves, and I think a half inch from the boobs. BUT I HAVNE'T LOST ANY WEIGHT! Sigh. C'est la vie. I know that I have gained muscle, and I know that I need to do more cardio, but unless I am going to the gym to have my session, I always come up with an excuse not to go downstairs and sweat. My excuse tonight? You're it! I haven't updated in a couple days, and I have to keep updating if I want to establish a readership.... Yes Internet you are my excuse! You are the reason that my ass is all large and in charge. I hope you can still sleep at night!
So as I was saying I was in the gym, and I always have a great time with my trainer; I thought that I would share with you some of the comments heard in the gym yesterday.
"...yeah I haven't seen you in a while either, I've been away, it's strange it's like this is my second home..." (I wanted to pull this Barbie's hair, she was way to squeeky)
"...I like my new runners, they are comfy, and they are so cute, and that's important also...." The muscle head across the room fully rolled his eyes at this, to which I replied;
"Well it's a girl thing...!" After all it was me gushing about my cute shoes. Then I heard it in my head and questioned if the water was starting to get to me here, at least I didn't call them "Tennies"!
Adam and I are finishing up the invitations, but I bought this lovely paper and when you print on it, you need to leave it sit for about 5 hours to dry, so I hope you all like them!!! I knew I should have just sent little valentines ones! I really like these ones too, and they are a lot cheaper than some of the ones that we could have ordered. Becasue we went this way and didn't have the Pavillion make them for us, we get the have the chocolate fountain at the reception... yummy.
Well I think that covers it, I should go and clean the remnants of dinner, we had roasted tomatoe meat sauce, and I made brownies and banana bread. I am getting really domesticated, and my husband/ fiancee is rather spoiled!!!
Have a lovely day all,
and I have a website you should check out
she rocks!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Are you there God? It's me Deadra.

Hey God, or which ever name you prefer, Budda, Allah...
Dude you forgot to tell me to get the Ark all built. But that's cool, yo, I know that you are busy and all keeping the world spinning on it's axis and all, so I just went ahead and started building it. I thought this time instead of animals I would just put some important people on it. I figured you could just give all of the animals a way to live in the water, you know being as you are the Supreme Being and all. (Except Bonsai, Chachi, Cleo, Ceaser, Jackie, Boofus, Max, Oscar, and what ever other ones I can think of.) I won't have Dub-ya on my ark, or Stephen Harper either, or any Conservatives if they answer the secret question wrong. I will have Belinda Stronach casue she's funny as hell... she'll teach everyone the "Cross the floor chacha" on the poop deck at noon. I figured that I'll have some musicians like Nickleback cause I like to work out to their music, and I'll bring Maximus Clean casue he has all of the other good music that I like. I figure also that since the world is being destroyed and all that you should let me have some important people from history too so that we can remake the world all proper and stuff. So we'll need Pierre Trudeau, Winston Churchill, some geeky dead science guys to keep Adam happy, Marx, Princess Diana, and of course my Grannie and Grandpa. I will have to reserve the right to add some other people to this list also.
Well I should end this now as it's rather controversial.... hey leave a comment, who do you want on my Ark, alive or dead.


Roll of paper towels-- $1.99
Oxy Clean-- $10.99
Puppy who won't use his Wee-Wee pads $850
Time spent scrubbing dog pee out of light beige carpets with your husband-- PRICELESS!

So Chachi will not pee in his box, well he will when I sit there and watch him, but left to his own devices he pees and poos everywhere else. Seriously, EVERYWHERE. So we thought that we would try some tricks: if we caught him doing the deed outside of his box we would use his gates to lock him next to his box, which would leave him less than a square foot of non box floor. Sir Pees-a-lot still managed to crap on the floor. So then we thought we would reward him with more than kisses and cuddles when he peed in his box, it kinda works, but really his "treat" has a really high calorie count, which makes him crazy hyper, so it's not best for the 3am pee time. We tried just locking him in the dining room where his box is, but he still refuses to use it at all. The only thing I find that works is if I spend every minute of his awake like with him. Oh yeah, and when he is sleeping if I am in the house, he must be sleeping on me or he doesn't sleep. So that means I need a Baby Bjorn for my puppy. Which I have found by the way, but I WILL NOT BUY. I am not going to be THAT puppy owner. Although we did buy him a jacket and a sweater today. But Internet, when you see him shiver it breaks your heart, and we are going to be going home next month and it's cold up there!!! And he is so cute in his jacket and sweater!

Moving on....
It seems that weekends in Casa Berkan is money spending time. Today we went to get my ring sized, as it was far too big, for the record my ring finger is a size 5 and 3 fourths. We also went to get me some runners, Adam a jacket and some crafty stuff for my classes. We also went to the Farmer's Market in Mountain View, and the best Korean Market I have been to outside of Korea. I don't think it's natural that I was that excited to be in a store.
Anyhow we also managed to get some stuff that wasn't on our list, like puppy clothes, and I got a skort to go biking in. Yes a skort. It has biking shorts built in, and oddly enough this arrangement was the nicest that I tried on. So it was a mildly expensive day. Not too bad though, there have been far more expensive weekends for sure. The long range expense of this weekend may come back and bite us though. We were looking at road bikes, mostly because my bike is a full on mountain bike and it sucks to ride it on the street, and Adam's bike may not last another season, so we both need some. Unfortunatly I am a short stack, (ha) so it's hard to find bikes to fit me, although we may have found one, it's an extra small. Yes Internet, I'm an extra small, and don't forget it! I may have to refer back to my extra small status at a later period.... Back to our regularily scheduled blog... Bikes, there is also a great sale on at REI which is like MEC at home, where you get to choose one item and get 20% off, and the bike I fit (being an extra small and all) is $1100, so you do the math, it's a good deal. I'm excited! Now to get the vehicle which holds 4 bikes, 2 adults, a dog and a cat, and maybe soon some other precious cargo-ey things....
At the Korean market I found Hite and Cass beer, which is quite possibly some of the nastiest beer ever, but I thought that Adam needed to experience Korean beer. We also found soju, and it's wasn't crazy expensive. Adam also tried that. I think he is wondering how my liver didn't fall out while I was there. Training my dear husband, years and years of training. Drinking nasty keg beer in rugby for several years helped me to build a protective layer in my liver which ultimately protected me from the really nasty stuff in the really cheap booze I drank there. Hey, no one said that the American Army boys who were buying my drinks were extravagant, but they did know how to get a girl's party on! (yes I said party on, as in they got her party on, so they could get her panties off, there were some fustrated boys left in Korea!)

Well on that note I should include a disclaimer,
Dear Reader, (whomever you are, parent, friend, stranger)
Anything I write here can be construed in many ways, to protect the innocent (uhh me) please assume the most innocent way, which was what I truly meant. And oh yeah, you are not allowed to get mad at me for anything you read here, and you can't use any of this against me later, or ever. (That last bit was to protect me later incase I ever write something that can bite me....)

Well it's almost 2 am and I should go and sleep... I'm getting some sleepy eyes.

Ciao bellas and non-bellas (casue I don't know the male version)

Oh yeah if you have any potty tips for the puppy leave a comment, heck leave a comment anyhow I'm starting to get a complex with all of the 0 comments I have.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

March Madness.

Yeah I had no idea what that was either. Apparently all of the college basketball teams have a huge tounament every March, (hense the MARCH Madness) which is single elimination with 64 teams. I find it horrible boring, but I am not a fan of basketball. The guys are all tall and lanky, and they don't have bums like the lovely rugby boys, or even football boys. However my dear sweet husband- cannot tear his eyes away! It's so boring!
Then to make matters worse, we wanted to go out to a pub last night for St. Patricks, but there was lineups that were a block long, which was perpetuated by March Madness and St. Patricks Day. We waited for a while then we went to another pub and had some drinks.
So moving on to puppy news. Chachi is doing better, he is all full of piss and vinegar like usual now, but he does have an infection and has to be on anti-biotics. Last night he tried to jump off of the bed while I was getting ready and he yelped across the room, I guess he winded himself, and Adam learned that he has to keep a really good eye on him. I can't blame him though, Chachi hasn't tried to jump off of the bed before, and now he is really scared of heights.
Other news I am going for a hike today with my trainer and I am excited!
Well I should go and eat so that I have energy for the hike. Also my apologies for not updating before, but there were inlaws and then blogger was down, so moving on, I'll try.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Oh yeah....


Thursday wasn't the best day.

Dear Chachi,
I understand that you don't feel well, but runny poop on a light beige carpet stresses me out a bit.
Dear the makers of Oxi Clean,
I love you.

So yesterday Chachi was all lethargic, and he slept while I watched a very informative television show about how to fall in and out of love faster than you can change your panties. Then the show ended so I got up and he followed but his ears were down and he was all mopey. When I took him to his dog poo box he peed and pooed, which on it's own is great, but it wasn't a nice little log poo, it was a runny sick poo. I know that chihuahuas can be really fragile so I got a little worried. We sat and cuddled more and I checked my email and he pooed in the office on the carpet... so I cleaned it, and called the vet and he said "BRING HIM IN NOW!"
I did. It was tense, they were thinking it might be Parvo, which is like signing a little doggy death certificate. They kept him there forever to make sure that he was ok and they sent him home after doing a million tests and charging me a lot of money. As it turns out he has a bacterial infection and he will be ok, I have to make sure he drinks lots of water and takes him medication, which he does not like. In any case I still have Chachi....

Nutella and Port

I think I have hit a on a jewel. port straight out of the bottle and Nutella from a spoon.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

There is snow in them thar hills!

There have been more winter storms here so there is snow in the hills in San Jose. Adam says that it isn't normal.... Although it looks all normal to me. Tee hee.
We were in San Jose becasue we were getting the bits and bobs together for our invitations, I am excited to make them, I think that they will be rather original, and oddly enough low budget. I am choosing something low budget! I guess I have to make up room in the budget since it's getting eaten by things like champagne fountains and open bars....
In other news we have our own website, Adam got it all hooked up and stuff and now I can tell if people are searching for us and what they are searching for to find us.
Now you'll have to excuse me to see if I can fish for some searchers.
nude jessica simpson
lower intrest rate
free games
naked brad pitt

Well that should cover it. Moving on.
I was at the gym yesterday and there was this really hot girl in the chaning room and all of the other women were checking her out, but oh so (not so) subtly. The lady next to her at the counter was looking out of the corner of her eye (and nearly breaking her eyeball in doing so), the lady changing was doing the quick glimpse in which she would quickly dart her eyes to look at her. Another lady was watching her in the mirror, thereby inadvertently looking at her (and not at all staring). There was the lady who was standing next to the door using the hand dryer to dry her hair, oh and she was naked, she was also doing the dart glance. And there was me, I saw her, I looked, she was hot, all fake boobed and really skinny and not a speck of fat anywhere (not even in her salined boobs) and I smiled and went on with what I was doing. I felt kinda bad for her. The lady who was about to sprain her optic nerve had a look of disgust on her face, and everyone else was doing all they could to avoid making eyecontact like she was some uber freak. I guess the extra pretty also have their own problems....

Our New URL

The Family

Howdy all,

This is my first post on what is now our blog. Great eh?

So I moved the site to our own domain so we can get email addresses too. We also have the freedom to change the site however we please. But for now we'll probably stick with the blogger thing...

I'm also uploading some pics of the dog and the ring so you can all see what we've been up to this week.

The Cat
The Pets
The Ring

Thursday, March 09, 2006


We got our puppy, he is so cute, and I am not sure if I have posted that or not. In any case he is cute, now I remember posting that. The box training is fun, he's not so fond of pooing in the box, but he'll learn. He won't sleep unless I am holding him, and his colours are changing every day. We'll post pictures as soon as we can.
Anyhow I haven't been posting as much as I should have, Adam's parents were in town and we were busy and they were staying in the room where the computer is so it was really full in here.
I don't have much to say though. I have been going to the gym a lot and it's been good, I have been working my ass off, and I hope that is literal! HA.
Well I am going to learn to put pictures on here and I will send some soon,
cheers all!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Dangers of Mouthbreathing are...

Licking your lips and being labeled a Mouthbreather. I licked my lips they are chapped. However I have not been named a Mouthbreather, becasue I am not one, I am a Nosebreather. I just have a cold. Yes! A COLD! In California! A COLD!!! I am not amused! Oh well on to other more intresting things.
We got the puppy yesterday, his name is Chachi. He's so cute, I'll post some pictures soon. Bonsai doens't like him and avoids him, and Chachi is most curious about him. It's amusing, but Bonsai wins cause he can jump up onto the counters, the puppy cannot, the puppy can bearly crawl out of his bed.
So the particulars. He is a chocolate colour, with a peach brindle and merle, which gives him spots, it make is adorably goofy looking. He has grey/blue eyes and a lick everything tounge. He is as house trained as we need him, casue he is going to use a dog litter box, so that's great. He's cute. It's funny casue Adam calls Bonsai drip cause he drools and now Chachi comes along and he also drools, so he is little drip.
Well we are off to Ikea to get some finishing touches and then we get to organize this place as we now have a place for everything.
YAY shelves!
Peace out homies!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Oh Howie!

Adam and I have been watching Deal or No Deal, the funny thing is that we don't really like it. It's excruiating to watch because they draw it out so much. So what we do is record it and zip through the commercials. However it's still painful, the contestants annoy me with their antics. They over exaggerate everything, and for some reason I get pleasure in seeing them lose money, they shouldn't have been so greedy. Really, I am happy that today is the last episode. Although I am sure that we will record it, and watch it, and wish that we were on it.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Oh the cold, it aches my bones.

So there have been some "winter" storms here. I feel like I am in Vancouver in the spring, all of the rain, make it go away! Everyone is mumbling about the cold. (A different mumble to Adam's coctail mumble).
Today we had pasta and bolganase (can't spell) sauce. It was good, so I thought I would share my recipie.
First open two large cans to tomatoes, whole ones not crushed or anything fancy.
Then pour them through a sieve into a bowl, reserving the liquid.
Put the liquid into a pot to reduce, casue we don't want really runny sauce, and season it with whatever (I used a bay leaf, italian spice and salt and pepper)
Now go back to the tomatoes and gut them, ie, open them and remove the seeds and the juices. Put them in a baking pan with a handful of garlic cloves and a large onion cut up into big pieces, season with salt and pepper and olive oil, bake off in the oven at a highish heat stirrng frequently until nice and caramel-ey.
Don't forget to stir the boiling stuff on the stove.
Oh yeah remember to preheat the oven.
Sit and watch tv, and let the stuff, uhh... do it's stuff.
Stir both.
Dig in cupboard for blender (casue you aren't lucky enough to have a food processor)
Assemble said blender.
Search through bins in the fridge for appropriate veggies, find carrots and a whole mass of parsley and cilantro.
Dump the bag of carrots into the blender and blend, of course it doesn't work it's a blender not a food processor.
Throw a handful of garlic in for good measure.
Silently pat yourself on the back for buying already peeled garlic.
Have an a-ha moment and pour in a can of V-8 into the blender with the carrots.
It blends.
Do a happy dance.
Rummage in the bag of parsly and rip off a handful, rinse and add to carrot mixture.
Cautiously reach into the bag of cilantro for a handful, be amazed that it's not gooey since it's been int he fridge since superbowl, rinse and add to carrot mixture.
Watch the blended stuff whiz around all happily.
Stir the other 2 things.
Remember that Adam likes meat.
Find meat in the way-too-full freezer and drop unceremoniously into the sink, go back to the blender.
Think that it needs more veggies.... but you have fennel, turnips, peas, zucchini and eggplant, not good saucy stuff.... decide on onions.
Find onion, peel and chop, add to blender.
Be astonished at the puke green colour.
Dump into pot with tomatoe juice reduction.
Taste, find it to be flavourful but not bright.
Add basalmic vinegar.
Taste, YUM!
Check on baking tomatoes, stir.
Find fry pan and cook meat.
Watch TV.
Stir meat, and cover, you don't want to mess the kitchen that you worked hard on cleaning over the weekend.
Stir tomatoe stuff on stove top, notice the weird colour, smells good though.
Check tomatoes in oven, they are done, put on counter.
Stir them and kinda mash them, especially the now roasted garlic.
Stir it all up, complimenting yourself.
Add to the stove top mix, stir, taste, marvel.
Check meat.
Scrape cooked meat off of frozen meat, put on cover.
Stir sauce.
Clean the dishes that have accmulated everywhere.
Check meat, scrape and wait.
Clean more.
Check meat, all cooked, check for pink, find none, add to tomatoe.
Bring a big ol' pot of water to boil.
Salt it.
Stir sauce.
Add pasta to water.
Yay pasta is done.
Drain it, but by using the lid, dropoping pasta down the drain, but it's ok cause you have a garberator, and it's cool.
Curse really loud casue you splashed yourself with hot water, keep draining, becasuse you MUST NOT PUT THE POT DOWN, casue that would be sensible.
Make salad, with vinigarette.
Taste sauce, add a glug glug of wine, (the stuff in the fridge which you don't really like, but is still good, it's just that you've become a bit of a wine snob.) cause the wine disolves somthing in the tomatoes which makes them taste better. And duh it's wine you can't go wrong!
YAY husband likes it!

So that was my evening....