The Tweedles

Saturday, October 24, 2009

20 month newsletter.

Dear Trixie.
Today you turned 20 months! I can't believe how close you are to 24 months which is 2 years old. Frankly that thought scares me more than turning 30 did.
I could get all mushy talking about how my baby is growing up and morphing into this wee girl who is sassy (in an adorable way) and funny as all heck, but I've save you the my baby is growing blues. Instead let's celebrate your newest accomplishment. Today in the bath with me you farted in the water, which made bubbles and made you crack up. Yes love, you have discovered potty humour. Your daddy was proud. I was a little shocked, but mostly 'cause you were sitting on my leg!
In other news, you are learning and putting things together faster than I can teach you it seems. You amaze me with how you can piece your world together around you, making sense out of the randomness. For example it was raining the other day and you were really perplexed that there was water everywhere. I told you it was rain from the sky and you told me that water is rain. I was pretty impressed that you were able to make that connection, and so quickly.
In terms of your language you are starting to string together spoken sentences, using 3-4 words, not always in the proper grammatical order, but you get your point across. It's fun to see how you are evolving language. I wish I was bilingual so that you could be too, but I guess I could always rely on Sesame Street, right? (except you won't watch it, which really makes me happy 'cause Elmo is evil.)
Physically you are have mastered being mobile. You run now, since walking is for sissies, although you are not beyond demanding to be carried when you're tired of being bipedal. Your latest accomplishment, or attempt is jumping. You'll crouch down, wait for me to count to three and then jump, but mostly just standing up with vigour. There have been a couple of times that you've managed to get both of your feet off of the ground, but then you fell backwards, so I think you were a little discouraged. I tried not to laugh, but the look on your face was so comical, when it's happened other times I will cheer for you like a teenaged cheerleader with the hots for a hunky quarterback. That always brings a smile to your face, even if you are so over your jumping for the day.
I see you admiring the bikes at the park when we're there, and I think you would love to be ready for a bike, but alas, you are still only a small girl and your wee feet won't reach the pedals for a while. But I think I will break down and buy you a helmet because I think you are equally enamoured by the helmets as you are by the bikes!
You are still not much of an eater. While you will eat any cuisine I put in front of you, at most you'll take a couple of nibbles. I am still okay with this. I figure that you're growing and learning and are healthy, so you're getting what you need from somewhere. I bet it's the dog's food! (but not really, you can't get to his food. He on the other hand is more than growing and is getting rather fat, could you stop feeding him your dinners?) Your favourite foods are rice and noodles, which you call "ice" and "newnos". I've managed to doctor them in such a way that you're just not eating white carbs. Finally all of my hippy tendencies for food are coming in handy!
I love to see you interacting with all of your little friends. I find that you are quite assertive, not aggressive, but you do make sure that you're not pushed around. You love your little friends and have such a good time playing with them. I find that you seem to gravitate towards the boys more, which is interesting. You still love your girl toys, but you go go go like a little boy (or like the boys we associate with). However you still play with your little girl friends too and will change you play style to suit who you are playing with. I think you might have a future with the United Nations!
We are still talking to you about your baby brother who is due to change your life in 3 months. You know that baby is a brother, but I don't think you know what that means. I think you've finally grasped that I have a baby in my tummy and your tummy is just "Tix-shie's belly". We'll see though. I am sure that you'll be a great big sister. You practice with your babies all of the time, and give them lots of love.
All in all, you are a great little baby, rather little girl, and being your mama is so amazing!