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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Today in my blog world I read some stuff that made my insides sizzle in a not happy way. I wanted to talk about the issues here, but alas, I couldn't word it right and so, instead I will link you to the articles.

On HPV Vaccines for men.

On Fox News and how they are idiots.

For the record I think that the HPV vaccine should be made available to men also, especially since it is in Australia and the EU. I don't know where I stand on vaccines in general, but I think that they should be made available to everyone, regardless of their sexuality. Also I think that we should all buy stock in Merck, the vaccine, Gardisil is $360 per patient. It's one of the most expensive vaccines ever.

About Barack Obama, I can't believe that Fox won't apologize. And I am happy that Obama stood his ground and defended himself. I commented on that entry that only middle aged, upper middle class white men can be a president and anyone who isn't that get to be smeared. Sigh....

Now something cute to make everyone happy. Here's a picture of Adam and Chachi after Chachi's surgery. He wasn't a very happy puppy and wanted nothing more than being cuddled. Which is normal, but he prefers his cuddles from me, and since I couldn't cuddle him while I cooked he was more than happy to cuddle with Adam as opposed to sitting at my heels.

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

My Superbowl Picks.

Team #1- The Teddies

Team #2- The Ponies

Since I am married to an NFL nut (and the daughter of one) I generally find that I need to pick a winner. Normally I go by the colours of the uniforms, but this year they are both have blue, which is the colour I usually choose. So to overcome the dilemma, and since I don't know anything about either teams, or care to, I devised a new solution.

I let Chachi pick. Clearly he prefers the Ponies, so I will cheer for the Colts!

Now really, I do want to pay homage to the favorite team of Chez Berkan.

(get it, cheese head! HA!)

The pets are also all for the Packers.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Random Bonsai picture.

Bonsai clearly loves to dress up....


Star Wars

Or as I like to call it, mwah-mwauhhh. Adam and I were wondering which order I should watch the movies. 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6? What do you think? And do you really think that they are the greatest movies ever? I am leaning towards anything with Paul Rudd personally, but hey, I have been known to have a strange point of view on stuff.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

This was taken at our first wedding, or the one that made us legally married. Which was a year ago today.
SO long story short, I've been married for a year. It's a wee bit surreal to me, but I'm happy. And so in love. And do you know how I know that Adam loves me? He's getting me Christina Aguilera tickets, he hates her. (but he thinks she's hot) And I promised him I would watch all 6 Star Wars. ALL SIX! See I love him. Know why? Because in my 29 years I haven't watched any of them. (if I did as a child I do not remember it) So clearly I love him!

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Random Pet Picture.

Yummy Reeses Pieces!


Sunday, January 21, 2007

There is hope.

Hilary Clinton announced that she is going to run for presidency. If she wins, I won't moan about living here so much.

To be clear, I don't dislike the country, just the man running it. He reminds me of this bully I went to elementary school with, who wasn't that smart, wasn't that big, wasn't that charming, but was rich and therefore had a following of people. (He was mean, pushy and clearly had/has a small penis. There was no other reason why he was such an a$$.)


You're Welcome, Today Show.

Remember when I posted this? Well as I was watching TV tonight I see an ad for The Today Show showing the same clip I posted a few days ago, and promising to give snowy weather driving tips! Clearly they ripped off my idea. They should thank me.
Also, Today Show people? I accept roses and pretty flowers as thanks also.
I mean, I'm just sayin'.


Friday, January 19, 2007

Random Wedding picture.



The driving?
The jumping out of a moving car?
Are you kidding me?
Seriously, free snow driving lessons....


Snow Driving Lessons.

Dear Americans.

As you know I am a card carrying Canadian. In order to be a certified Canadian you have to pass a few secret tests, such as: distinguishing the difference between Canadian beer and others, building an igloo with your mittened hands, understanding the different intonations of "eh" and when to use them, and finally how to drive in snow, on ice, or both.

My dear Americans I bring this up because there has been some "cold" weather around these parts. Like the other day the I-5 between LA and Bakersfield was closed due to snow. Now this wouldn't have happened in Canada, because we can negotiate a little snow and a hill. Also there was this:

So my Sweets, this is what I am proposing, during the next snow in California or Oregon, I will give free snow driving lessons, in your car, be it automatic or standard. I am sure that after you complete the DeaBer Driving course you will be able to navigate even the snowiest passages, just like any Canuck!

(listen around 0:27, you hear someone yell "car!", reminds me of when kids play street hockey... except replace the puck with cars and sticks with drivers)

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Ads.

I don't endorse them or believe in many of them. They are generated by some program out there. I am curious what I said to get to many pro Church and bible ones popping up. It makes me a little uncomfortable to see something advertising bibles and churches, on my website, my space. Don't blast me for saying that. If you go to church or own more bibles than anyone else, that's good for you. But for me religion is private, and it makes me uncomfortable to see advertisements, or really when people talk about it.
To demonstrate how I get uncomfortable about religion I'll have a little fake dialogue.

Church Goer: I went to church today, it was great.
Me: Uhm, okay.
CG: Yeah, the pastor/father/priest gave such a great speech, it moved me to tears.
Me: Oh.
CG: Where do you go to church? What is your religion? Do you go to bible studies?
Me: Uhm, no, no, and no.
CG: Oh, but don't you want to know the warmth and love you can feel by inviting Christ into your life? What about your morals, where will you learn morals? What about your children, where will they learn them?
Me: I have good morals, and my children will learn them from me. I just think that I can still be a good person, and not read the bible. I follow the idea of being good, and treating people the way that you would like to be treated, and respecting everyone, regardless of who they are, what they are or who they worship. Or if they worship at all.

Now how I hear it.

Church Goer: I went to my gyno's office today, it was great.
Me: Uhm, okay.
CG: Yeah, the doctor gave such a great exam, it moved me to tears.
Me: Oh.
CG: Where do you go to get a pap smear? What do you love about it?
Me: Uhm, no, no, and no.
(I start to tune out the conversation here, although the answer above is one that I have given several times when I have been prodded as to why I don't go to church, most recently on the plane when I was flying home from Canada)

So yeah. To me religion is a private affair, I think it's great that some people are so committed to it, and I am happy for them, but I can't see myself being like that. I could pretend, maybe joining a church would let us meet a lot of people. but we (Adam and I) would be frauds, and that isn't a good way to make friends. Also just because someone is religious doesn't mean I can't befriend them. I just have trouble talking about religion, mostly because I don't want to make them uncomfortable if I start asking the questions that I want to ask. So I avoid it.


I'm Back?

I hope that blogger and I can get along again. I really missed my dear friend, but sometimes she's (I think Blogger is a she) is a little picky, like we can only be friends if no one is around. But I set her straight. I don't play like that. But we're all good now.
So Chachi, and the snippage. Poor guy, he didn't like the vet. He went in on his birthday and he was neutered, but since only one of his balls had dropped they had to cut him twice to find the missing one, it was tucked up behind his bladder. But now it's all out. Adam says that he's a mule now. And to clarify, a mule like he can't reproduce, not a mule that we will transport drugs from Colombia in. He also had an ID chip implanted and all of his baby teeth pulled. Sigh, poor guy it was like he got the celebrity come back special from some cheap-o plastic surgeon. He's better now, with his bald belly. I have noticed a few personality changes, he's less aggressive, not that he was ever mean, but he was good at the passive aggressive stuff (like a teenaged girl!). He was notorious for pooing on the carpet in the living room, or we would find a nice pee spot somewhere. But now there has been none. He's been even more lovey, which I didn't think was possible. Really he's Chachi, but sweeter! We should have done this 6 months ago! Now to get him to stop lifting his leg when he pees....
And the new place. Oh to be clear, we'll be saving $7200 a year, not a month. That's $600 a month. Which is nice. Regan, I think it's cause we are leaving a managed property. The house we are moving to is privately owned, and it's an old house. We won't have brand new appliances like we do now, and the house is a little bit creaky. But it's so cute! I love it, I love the brick wall in the kitchen, and the old sky light in the bedroom, stuff like that which gives it character. I have never liked apartment buildings where every suite is like the next. As for cheaper, we looked at a lot of places and I wouldn't even look at anything over $2000, which is about the median price here. CRAZY!
Oh yeah, we're not moving to Arizona, I've lived enough of my life in a desert, I don't like the dry, nosebleed causing air. Especially after living here, the humidity is perfect. I did comment that it was muggy in our room in Arizona, but outside was dry. We were driving around one day and Adam just sprouted a nose bleed. Kinda ewwey.
In other news, nothing really. I'm trying to declutter everything. I have to go through my clothes and throw away anything I haven't worn in a year. It's going to be hard, 'cause there is a lot of stuff. I will be ruthless, I may cry. I have some really cute skirts and stuff that I bought in Korea that I love, but I have worn them once or twice and I keep hauling them around with me. But so cute. Oh well, it's not like I can't buy more clothes. I have also accumulated this huge magazine collection, which I need to cull. Really who needs to know if Star Jones and Mr. Star Jones have a good marriage, or if Britney is going to pay K-Fed the 50 Mil. he wants. Okay I care about the latter. THINK OF THE CHILDREN PEOPLE, THE CHILDREN! And I've never liked this K-Fed guy, he's a slimey chunk o' white trash, yo.
Well now that I have babbled about nothing, and insulted a quasi celebrity, I will be leaving you all for now.

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

A Recap in (Mostly) Incomplete Sentences.

A new beta blogger.
Comments aren't working.
Google makes all of blogger to the beta, now it's not beta.
I can't post.
The Blogger fix it guy, goes on holidays.
I can't post.
Christmas morning, errr, early afternoon, we unwrap our gifts to each other.
He gets underwear, p.js, socks, a video card, a clock and a book of maps.
I get a cool book, a cool game, and a camera case. Oh yes also an orange he wrapped.
sigh, I married a weiner.
The next day we went to Arizona, with the pets.
Chachi puked on the way to Palm Springs.
The toilet flooded in the hotel, and they didn't have another non-smoking room.
We plunged the toilet ourselves.
I did not clog it, I merely flushed some toilet paper, after blowing my nose.
The next day, we finish the drive to Arizona.
Chachi pukes two more times.
Bonsai roams the car like a psycho, leaving scratches on the leather.
We love our pets.
Arrive in Arizona, finally in Scotsdale.
It's raining in the desert.
Adam's parents are late.
We get our suite, it's muggy, but really nice.
Adam's parents get there, we have dinner.
I have salad, it's good.
We go back to the hotel room, and unwrap presents.
I get jeans and a top.
Adam gets underwear, socks and a calender of maps. (Are you seeing a trend?)
We go to bed, Chachi has peed on it.
We call for new sheets, the arrive an hour later, they are for a double bed.
We have a king.
The next day, shopping.
I get ballet flats, they are nice.
The next day we go to Taliesin West.
Frank Lloyd Wright is a crazy arrogant man, the tour guide lurves him.
Adam goes riding sand buggies in the desert, leaving me alone.
We go to the Grand Canyon.
It was a 12 hour bus ride from the hotel.
Long day.
Heard on the bus: "I can't believe that God would put such a big crack in the ground."
Said by me: "It's a big hole in the ground."
Adam's reply: "groan"
We drive back to Mountain View.
It took 14 hours.
Chachi didn't puke.
Bonsai was a little better.
He only punctured the leather once on the way back.
We tour a few houses and apartments.
We love one and kinda are okay with a few others.
Adam goes back to work.
We take Chachi to the vet.
He doesn't like the vet.
He gets his 'nads snipped on his birthday.
Poor puppy.
We find out that we get the house we want to rent.
It's cute, 4 bedrooms, lots of character, and nice landlords.
We're excited.
We're going to save $7200 on rent by moving.
I can buy a lot of shoes and books with that.
We'll save it to buy a house.
It's today.
Adam's watching football and I'm blogging.
The world is right again.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Technical problems

Well, Blogger has been having some issues with our blog, and then we went on vacation. The result is that there hasn't been anything interesting here for a while. But hopefully it's all fixed now...