The Tweedles

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Chachi's first letter.

Hi Puppykins!

I think you had a tummy ache last night! That's not very good, is it? I bet you were feeling really bad. Do you know how I know? It was the funny pile of poo that you left by the bedroom door. Puppy, you've never pooed there before, couldn't you have made it to your wee wee pad? Now it will stain the carpet. I guess you were really sick, since you never ever* miss your wee wee pad.

Also since we are on the topic of your night time issues; I understand that you like to sleep between Adam and I. I have a small request though. Could you possibly maybe not orient yourself horizontally between us? The bed seems to be quite small with you and Bonsai sleeping like that. Adam and I might just move into the other room to give you some space, becasue clearly a five pound dog like yourself needs a queen sized bed!

Ok Mr. Chachi Chachinkins, now that is off my chest. I have a small reminder, only give kisses when asked and lay off the puppy crack! We're worried about your wee little heart!

Love TweedleDea.

*well not really....

Pigeon update.

I told the managers of our building that we had the Pigeon family living in our drainpipe. So they did the logical thing.

They came, they cleaned and they killed.

I'm sad. They were just babies.

I understand that they couldn't have stayed there and something had to be done, espeically since the rainy season is coming. It's just kinda sad. The little eggs didn't choose to be winged rats, but they were. And I guess then they must die.

Makes me happy that I am a human.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

It's really Saturday.

It's late Saturday night and I should be in bed sleeping, but I cannot. I just lay there and toss and turn. It sucks.

My ass hurts like a mofo. I'd wager a guess that's it not becasue of what you're thinking. Adam and I went for a bike ride today, and oh the bruising. Ouchie! I think I want to get a gel seat like he has, it's all nice and squishy. I want bike shorts too 'cause the asses in them are padded. Oh sweet padding, (that isn't my own) how I covet thee. In any case we went on the bay and the paths wound in and out of ponds that are part of the ocean, although you can't see the ocean. Apparently the whole area used to be a dump and they pump the methane out of the ground (resulting from the rotting garbage) and use it to power part of the local town. Cool.
The area smelled a little funky, sometimes it smelled like the ocean, other times it smelled piney, sometimes like anise or fennel, and at one point it smelled like methane. So we got out of there quickly, and I didn't change gears, it would be my luck that the one time a spark is created from switching gears would be when the air is thick with methane. Nice... The bike ride was fun though, I saw pelicans, and I've never seen them before that I can recal. There were also swans, or just some really regal looking pelicans. In any case it was interesting.

We went to dinner tonight. It was all romantic as stuff, well as romantic as you can get when you have blackberry flavoured iced tea and noodles. Yummy. I think that we should cut back on the 'out' dinners though, I really want to be able to buy a house sometime and eating out doesn't help. Although we only go once a week, sigh, but the whole latte factor. And I think that I am going to have to cut back on my trainer. I don't want to, I really love working out and I like having someone there, and I know that my trainer is a student and I don't want to hinder her. I know I have to think of myself, but arrrhhhhgggg.

Today when I was getting ready to go out and putting on make up and all that I looked in the mirror and realized that I am turning 29! Twenty nine. Sometimes I think I look 29 and other times I think I look 50 and sometimes 15. It's strange. I don't want to be 29, can we go back to 25? Or can I just turn 25? Like the 4th anniversary of it? My 25th birthday was so sweet. I went for dinner with a bunch of friends and my then boyfriend. Then we went to nori bong, which is Korean kareoke in your own private room. One of my friends had made me a cake that she brought as a surprise. We all had a great time. What I really loved is that I had a variety of friends there. They were all people that would have not otherwise been in a room together. Now if we could just change the other guy for Adam it would be great!

Hey do you want to know what I want for my birthday?
I want a digital video camera, a digital camera with all of the doo dads and thing a ma jigs, a navigation system, a food processor, a pink kitchen aide mixer, to be pregnant, a blender (ours broke), and Chachi's other ball to drop. I don't expect to get any of this. C'est la vie!

Well I should go to bed, I want to go to the farmer's market tomorrow before I lose Adam to the NFL. It's kinda strange that my husband is so enamoured by men in tights.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Misc Friday Musings.

Tonight I saw a guy walking downtown Mountain View with his ukulele. It wouldn't be so odd, but he was playing and singing as he was walking. I wonder how a conversation would go in his house.
Wife: Honey, lets go for a walk.
Him: Ok, just let me get my ukulele first.

Maybe it's the hippy version of an MP3 player?

Also Adam mentioned that there have been more Americans killed in Iraq than on 9/11. I can't find a link to it more, so I'll look tomorrow and link it then. In any case it's something to chew on.

I'm Married.

Dear Spammers.

I'm married. Happily.

So,,, etc. take me off of your list.

Also, see the happily part?

So,,, etc. take me off of your list.

For the future,,, etc. this is a preemtive, take me off of your list.

Thank you,


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Google Ad Sense.

I know that some of you have noticed that there is a little advertisey thingy on the side bar. The more you click on it the more we make. Also depending on where it sends you dictates what we get per click. When it was advertising gym stuff we were making more money. But now? Not so much. Apparently there has been one person clicking it every day, and I love her to pieces, but the Google man? He's a wise grasshopper and realized that it's the same person clicking on it every day and now that person doesn't generate anything for us any more. Oh well.

So I just checked my post just below this one after I published it and I notice that the ad is for drainage covers and manhole covers. Seeing that the ads are related to the content, when in heaven's name was I talking about ditches and manholes? When? Or is Google telling me something, that what I write is sewer worthy?

I've got's the warm fuzzies now!

Clearly Google has no sense, and therefore I get no cents!

(ha oh my, that was a belly buster!)


Today I promised a run down of the trainers at my gym. I'm sorry to report that I have failed you. I think you'll survive, if you start feeling light headed and without breath, just ask the person next to you, or in the other room to give you mouth to mouth. ENJOY!

So today was the first day of my writing class. I was a little nervous of this class because it's in a seniors center and I was worried that there would be a large generational gap between me and the other class takers. As luck would have it, there were other younger people there, but the class is mostly of the senior variety. I mentioned to one of the other youngin's that I was worried about the gap and one of the oldies heard me at got a little p.o'ed. It's unfortunate that she was pissed, but I think that I had a very valid point. And it was how I was feeling. I wanted to yell at her:


In any case she made a point of telling the whole class that I was worried about this. Sigh. Other than that she seemed nice.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Guess what!

I know that I have already made 2 other posts today (you'll see them) but I had to share this with all of you. Bonsai loves Chachi, he was grooming him! Say it with me now,

Bring on the Barbies!

In the past I have regaled you all with the Barbie stories, ie the people at my gym. I have a few more for you.
Carrot Barbie, as in 'She must have a carrot up her ass to be that much of a bitch!' She's an older lady who is rather carrot-y complexioned, clearly from too much sun exposure. I am sure that I will soon have to upgrade her to Handbag Barbie. She exudes as much personality as a cold peeled potato and clearly has a chip on her shoulder the size of 55 centimeter fit ball. She has no common courtesy, she doesn't hold doors, say please or thank you, or wipe her sweat off a machine. It's safe to say that I don't like her so much.

I know I have given all of the girls Barbie names, which means I should give the guy Ken ones, but I haven't. Maybe I'll start.

Drippy Ken. I noticed him today, he was on a treadmill wearing a plastic bag under a windbreaker jacket. He was really red faced and looking a little weak, I wondered if he was about to pass out and if the resulting ambulance drivers would be hot. He didn't pass out. I did see him again as I was leaving the gym, he walked by me on his way to the change rooms, and there was sweat dripping from his finger tips, it made 2 paths of sweat, one on either side of him cutting a swath across the black floor to the treadmill he was on. I wanted to stop him and remind him that as soon as he drank some water all of the weight he just lost, would come back. I didn't though, I was frightened by his sweat. It was running down his fingers, you couldn't see the rest of him, as he was wrapped in plastic, one would assume for freshness. I think if he would have stopped it would have pooled and that would be not pleasant. Besides actively avoiding his sweat I was hoping that he wiped down the treadmill when he left, I can only imagine the mess that was left.

Now all that being said, the moral of this story is: Wipe away your nastiness people!

Tomorrow I will tell you all about the trainers at the gym! Now that should be interesting!

Iternational Talk like a Pirate Day and other stuff.

Today is International Talk like a Pirate Day! No really it is, so, yarrr ye maties, shiver me timbers and swab the deck yo ho ho! And that's all I'm going to say about that!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Google Me!

Throught the company that we have the website through we can monitor our statistics for this site. Like how many people read it in a day, (Sept 15 had 27 visitors), how long they read for (the average is 30 seconds or less) and a total of how many hits over all (roughly 2000). My favorite thing to check is what people search that brings them to the site.
Here's the list.
#1- Deadra Harker Berkan (I like being #1!)
#2- Tweedles
#3- puss ey (this is where it gets a little strange)
#4- baby sleep schools tweedles (I have no clue....)
#5- mix with beer pee blue (I think we should thank Adam for that one!)
#6- fire drill lesson
#7- should I take my car to gm goodwrench (HELL NO!)
#8- femininity holly kendra hugh bridget (I love that show!)
#9- everyone poos (And Adam does it exceptionally well!)
#10- perfect thigh measurement for a girl (I wonder what I wrote to have someone sent here for this?)
#11- san francisco haloween decorations (their spelling mistake not mine)
#12- colbert donahue catholic (I still think that guy is an arse)
#13- flavour of love (I love that show!)
#14- supernova
#15- elloitt yamin
#16- rockstar canada
#17- replace that busted side mirror yourself (and don't take it to GM Goodwrench!)
#18- tweedles quarks
#19- click (I don't get why this sent someone....)
#20- white puss like worms inmouth (uhmmm ewww... seek medical help!)
#21- febreeze and cancer (is there a relation? 'cause I use it all the time!)
#22- stagette calgary the mint
#23- the tweedles (that's us!)

Clearly I write about weird stuff that makes people scratch their heads and wonder why Google told them to see us. (MSN also told people to come and see us, and 7 people came to see us from another unknown search engine)

My friend Lisa over at Random Outlaw has sent the most people over here. Go and see her, say hi, she's great! I will figure out how to link to her somehow, but I'm not so computer savvy. Although I did marry a computer geek, I will make use of his still soon!

So yes, googling* is fun! Keep doing it and see what strange things will send you here. It amuses me.

*you know you've made it big when you've been verbed, what would deadraed mean? or tweedled? or deaed? Let me know.

Lions and Tiger and Bears

I could handle, but pidgeons? Ewww! They're dirty and nasty and eww!

We have a couple that live in the storm drain on our balcony. To try and scare them away we've been letting Bonsai sit out there. Unfortunatly they are cocky pidgeons and they arne't scared by Bonsai the Massive. We tried using the annoying one, Chachi Puppinkins, but again they aren't bothered, and all Chachi does is eat their poop. (Which freaked me out, so we don't let him on the balcony anymore, and I don't think he actually ate any, just picked a piece up and I scared him enough that he dropped it right away.) Being at a loss what to do I asked my mom and she suggested that we get a fake owl, and I've noticed that some of my neighbours have owls on their balconys too. But then Adam discovered why they are so determined to stick around. The little buggars laid eggs in the drain!


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Oh Canada!

Surly everyone has heard of Rockstar: Supernova? And last year everyone heard of Rockstar: INXS? You know the singing show where these rock bands choose their front person from a bunch of leather clad punks?

Well last year the guy that won was from Toronto, and this year, the guy that won... yeah also from Canada.

Yeah they're my boys. Slowly us Canucks will take over the world.

As soon as we irradicate the bad name Celene made for us.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Let's Play a Fun Game!

First you will need: a chopstick
a handful of cotton balls
a wire brush, or boars hair, whatever you have.
and a cast iron fry pan.

Okay now that are all ready, take a cotton ball and pull it out so it's long, then stuff it up your nose. You'll need the chopstick to get it rammed into your sinuses. Make sure you get it all the way in there, really tight. Now keep jamming more cotton into your nose until your eyes feel like they are going to pop out of your head, then cram one more in each nostril.

Okay done?

Now open your mouth wide, a little wider please. Take the brush and scrub the back of your throat with it, make sure you scrub hard and get all of the nice pink flesh really inflamed.

Okay done?

And the last step of the fun game is to whack yourself over the head with the fry pan. You might want to do it a couple times for good measure. I'll wait.

Okay done?

Now you feel like I do. Let's be siblings of misery.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Did ya know?

Britney Spears had her 2nd baby. Just for the record, her first one was born Sept 14. 2005.

Oi, I'm not going to make fun of her, becasue she's in for a world of hurt. I will comment though, apparently she wanted to have a c-section on Sept 14, so that both babies would have the same birthday. Apparently, K-Fed put a stop to that.

ok, my turn!

Monday, September 11, 2006


This weekend the women's side of the Fog had a game. One that I didn't go to 'cause I had to leave the team, for about a million reasons. So today I commenced, "Stalk the Fog, day one".

As soon as I decided to leave the team, I took myself off of the mailing list because seeing the 70ish emails everyday was hard and made me want to play. It made it easier for me to not jones so much to play, 'cause as it is it's killing me! AHHHH. However on Saturday they had their game and I was at home thinking about (thought the haze of a hangover) and sad that I couldn't play. On Sunday I was thinking about how I would be in killer pain and not able to walk, and I was a little happy that I didn't play.

Fastforward to about 2 miniutes ago. I was on the website and I saw the video for the team, and they won! 66-5! I am so proud of them. That's an amazing win, and their first game ever! I'm a little sad that I wasn't part of it, but still so proud of them!

So the reasons. I mentioned the pain. I used to hurt a lot after practice and playing, but I don't remember it being this bad. I think it's just that I am old and I haven't played in a while, and I know that it would get better.

I want to climb more, I have had to put my short climbing career on the back burner and it's something I want to really work on. It's somthing I can do all year and something I can do when I am pregnant. Also the friends I have made from climbing are fabulous. Which isn't a reason to not play rugby 'cause the girls I played with were amazing too!

The biggest reason, is I want to get pregnant. Anyone who reads this knows this, but it can be repeated. The thing with being pregnant, you can't play rugby, and I don't want to leave the team part way through the season, I would rather leave when I did before the games started.

Finally another reason, I couldn't make all of the practices all of the time. What kind of teammate am I when I can't devote all I need to? When I played before it lived, breathed and ate rugby, and I feel like a fraud if I can't give it the same dedication now. Therefore if I can't give it the same dedication now, I shouldn't play, it's not fair to them.

So being said, I am really sad. I want to play so bad. I'm still training as if I were playing. The last practice I went to the coach kept referring to me being the slowest player; I would like to think that with the level of training I have been doing that I wouldn't be anymore. Or I might be. I'm still okay with it.

Yay Fog! Kick some ass!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Silent - an update.

That is my house. Everyone has gone home and Adam and I are left with a messy house and a kt of laundry. Oh well, it was worth it.

On the health front, Adam is doing better. I was all ill yesterday, but it was self induced. The night before Shelley and I polished off a few bottles of wine. Although I am much better today!

Adam is estatic that it's Sunday cause it's all football all day. I am sure that I won't see him for the rest of the day.

So must go... stuff to do!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Throught the eye of a needle.

We have mentioned before the intricacies of Adam's system. We came to the conclusion that it's delicate.
So being the delicate flower that he is, it was disturbing to realize that in Vegas the flower was... disturbed, shall we say.

Now we are home and it's Friday, and still a needle, at 50 paces.

I think I should buy some baby butt cream... he might need it now.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Las Vegas

I've been neglecting my blog for a while. I've had visitors and I've been busy. Plus I've had 2 comments in the past week, so I'm not really all that eagar to post... sigh.

Anyhow we went to Vegas over the long weekend. It was interesting.
Vegas is a strange place. I havne't yet decided if I liked it. All of the lights are all pretty and what not, but they are also garish. They look so unnatural on the backdrop of the desert.

While we were there we were solicited for a time share. Which is an interesting concept, but Adam and I aren't in the right place in our life right now. But they kept pushing and pushing, and finally they just got beligerent and gave up. It was mildly amusing. The manager who was really working us was a horrible sales person. She couldn't keep a consistent argument as to why we should purchase a time share. She started by saying that it was a great investment, then 5 minutes later she would say that it isn't an investment. She said that she wouldn't get in the way of us buying a house, then she would comment that if we couldn't afford the payments for a time share, then clearly we couldn't afford a house.
"Because it's only $128 a month!"
I explained to her the latte factor. She just rolled her eyes at me.
Finally the whole arguement broke down, we want to buy a house, houses here are $850K and we understand that vacations are good for a marriage but at this time and place in our marriage, a house is priority.
So we didn't get the time share, and they ran out of the $100 visa gift cards that we were supposed to get. Bastards!

While we were in Vegas Adam got sick. The doctor says it's a stomach flu, which is still plauging him. Poor guy eats, and 10 minites later is running off to the washroom to uhhhh... eliminate. I've been giving him lots of Gatorade and Cream of Rice cereal. The doctor said to stay hydrated and eat easy things like rice and such. Hopefully he gets better soon.

Today I am off to Sonoma with Shelley. Interesting.