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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This post is without title.

Do you know that feeling when you are so hungry that you're nauseaus? But the thought of food makes you want to rip your toenails off with chopsticks?
Okay just checking.

So I've had to add the word thingy on my comments. I've been getting spammers trying to sell you all viagra. So just to be sure, I don't want to sell you viagra. I'm sure if you need it you can find it, but I'm not selling it.

Now to find me some sturdy chopsticks....

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Chachi tried to commit suicide!

I had a half eaten chocolate protein bar* on the coffee table in the living room and the phone rang so I went to answer it and when I came back the bar was gone. So obviously the small brown beast had taken it, leaving me to run around like a headless chicken to find the left overs. He had eaten about a third of a total bar, which put me into full on panic mode. I tried to call the vet's emergency line but it was busy, for nearly an hour! So when Adam got home we jumped back into the car and drove him to the vet. All the while I was frantically dialing and redialing the vet hoping to get through. When I finally did we were nearly there, and they suggested to bring him in to induce vomiting to get the chocolate out. However as luck would have it there wasn't enough chocolate in the bar to hurt him. He may have a tummy ache, but he will be okay.
Honestly can he just not put something his gaping maw? Yeah, didn't think so. Granted I shouldn't have left the bar on the table, but my brain isn't working to it's full capacity lately. Adam blames the parasite. Also the little bugger (the dog, not the Murp) knows not to take things off of the table. But his little walnut brain doesn't work well apparently when enticed with food.
Anyhow, luckily for us the vet didn't charge us anything, which is great since we've already paid for a semester at Stanford for his kids with all of the other surgeries that Chachi's had.

*I'm not eating them 'cause I love them, but rather I need 100 grams of protien a day. That's a whole heck of a lot of hard boiled eggs. Oh and did I mention I don't like eggs?


Facebook and I are BFF

Well that's what is seems like. I think if I were to go and check as to when I signed up for Facebook and when my posts started dropping off here, I bet that there would be a correlation. Hee hee, ooops.
However this Facebook thing is pretty nifty. I've reconnected with several people from high school and from my childhood. See the nifty? My best friend from grade 2 found me and we've been good and chatty, and the really interesting part is she is due the day before me.
Anyhow my most favourite thing on Facebook is the Scrabble application. I can play several games all at once, which is really helping with my Scrabble cravings which I have been fostering. You see Adam hates the game and I adore it, so I need to play it, and now? All of the time. Which is why Facebook and I are BFF.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

This post coming to you from behind finger smudged glasses.

Hello, I am in fact, not dead. Hurray.

I would like to say I've been busy, and I have been kinda. But the longer I waited to post, the more pressure there was, and then I knew I had to have the perfect post and ahhhhrg. Here it is, I'm sure it won't be perfect. I've already dealt with it, now it's your turn.

So my dad and Gay were here for 10 days. We went wine tasting, went to SF and did all of the touristy things and tooled around here commenting on the heat. Fun was had by all, most days. I've discovered my dad is a picky eater, and authentic cuisine isn't to his taste. Which I've noticed in other people who are from a very Caucasian areas such as the Okanagan Valley. Chinese food there is greasy, and to my palate, nasty. Here it's much more authentic and tastes different that Smith's Chinese Restaurant, found down town Small Town British Columbia. My dad didn't like it so much. Oh well, it was amusing for me to watch him eat a cheese burger at a Mexican place because he's adamant that he doesn't like roll-ups (burritos in Dad speak). All in all it was fun.

My little brother turned 28 2 weeks ago. Frightening.

The Murp is all Murpy. I don't have much to report. I have been having interesting bouts of wicked motion sickness in the car. I've resorted to having a puke bag nearby at all times while in the car. This development is strange and it sucks! Let me tell you though, this baby had better be really cute!

Adam and I have been looking at some townhouses. They are painfully expensive, but so pretty. After dealing with the possessed shower (which oscillates between hot and cold all of the time) and all of the bloody ants, a new place is so welcoming. The draw back? Our favorite place, which is a 3 bedroom 1600 square foot place is nearly 800K! Sigh. I don't think I can sell a kidney for that much, even if I gold plated it! Also in the past couple weeks the jumbo mortgages around here have tanked, which makes getting a mortgage hard. A lot of lenders are being extra cautious, so lending to non-permanent residents isn't their top priorities. So it looks like we're going to have to wait a little and see what the market does and how the rates react. Hopefully the market will drop a little, rates will stabilize and we can buy. Then the market will skyrocket and we will rejoice.

Bonsai turned 10 this month. In people years he's like 50, him and my dad seem to have a lot in common. Okay I am totally kidding. Bonsai, has much more hair!

Chachi is the same, goofy as ever.

Hmm well there is the post that people have been begging for. I actually have another post planned all full of insight, but I'm tired and my head hurts.


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Monday, August 06, 2007

12 weeks

Hey! Today I am 12 weeks pregnant! 12 weeks, 3 months! Holy moly, wasn't I peeing on a stick like yesterday?
Anyhow I am officially taking Murp off of time out, I seem to be able to drink water again. I also noticed today that Murp is a pimply teenager, since all I want is pizza and coke. Now for the record, I don't really like either! I much prefer Murp as a vegan hippy.
According to Baby Center Murp is the size of a lime, I guess my prediction that s/he would be a chicken wing was not quite right. Hmm, oh well. Also Murp is 2 inches long and weighs half an ounce. I was also happy to read that Murp's eyes have moved to the centre of his/her face away from the sides. I think that this should be a milestone. Along with the loss of a tail, the moving of the eyes really ensures that I am, in fact, carrying a human and not a newt. (Oh Adam would be maaaaddddd)

I was explaining to a friend via email today that I thought a thought yesterday which was a little frightening. You see while I was on the whole infertility train I wanted a baby, I would often dream of a baby, little baby clothes and such. I even thought about a toddler, and how I would have little piggy tails or miniature Green Bay baseball caps in my future. Then yesterday I went and thought (something I need to be careful of) and I realized that this baby will one day be a 10 year old, and then a surly teenager and a mootching university student. I needed a moment to readjust the focus in my eyes and I kinda freaked out and it dawned on me. I'm going to be a parent, not just a mama, but a parent. So, like I explained to Kim, I've been practicing my mom battle cries: "Close the fridge we're not cooling the world!" and "Shut the door, you weren't born in a barn!"* You know the classics that were all yelled at us, or was that just me? Anyhow grow Murp grow!

*In case Murp is born in a barn, I might need to change this one up a little bit.


Saturday, August 04, 2007

Oh Expensive Day.

It's been no secret that we've been on the great couch hunt. We had a few prerequisites: it needed to be leather, comfy, attractive, within our budget and black or brown. I was adamant that it not be Ikea, but Adam liked the Ikea best. Sigh. So on one of my Internet poking aroundings I found a couch which suited most of our requirements. Then today Adam and I went to go and see the couch, and it was nice, really modest design, simple, decent leather and not Ikea but still in our price range, which is dismally Ikea-ish. Unfortunately they weren't able to deliver until the 14th, which was not good for us. So we went to several other places and they had nothing we liked. Finally we went to the last place, and they had a lovely sofa, which was a rich shade of brown, very sleek, no overly poofy cushions, and nice leather. The down side is it came in a set with a reclining chair and an storage ottoman, we only wanted the sofa. I explained this to the sales guy who said it would be okay, and quoted us a price, I responded by asking if there were going to be any sales and he said maybe and he'd have to check. When he came back he said that there weren't really any sales. However I was determined to get the couch, which was slightly out of our pre-determined price range, so I explained this to the guy that we had found something very similar for a lower price. He became much more eagar to talk about a better price. So he hurried off to talk to his manager, and we made the mistake of sitting in the reclining chair, which was so cozy. When the sales guy came back I joked an commented that Adam was selling himself on the chair, so he said that he would be able to get us a really good deal on all three of the pieces if we got them all. I gave him the go ahead to see what he could do, meanwhile Adam and I talked about what would be our threshold price, and when he came back he was well below it. We accepted and it's being delivered on Tuesday!

*so every time I say we, I mean me....

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Oh Senor!

Chachi seems to have eaten something not so good for his little tummy again. He's had a pukey day. If this is going to cost us $2500 again I'll just reach in and pull out the obstruction myself!
It's frustrating because we have been very diligent to make sure that there is nothing that he can eat that will harm him. We've taken away all stuffed dolls except one, which is still holding up. He's not allowed in the living room (with the evil couch) without us. We've bought a baby gate and leave him trapped in the kitchen when we're not home. We keep an extra diligent eye on him when he's outside to make sure he doesn't eat bark mulch, and yet, the puking! Luckily he is still eating regular food and drinking water, so I am optimistic. But really, how do you break a K-9 hoover of his hoovering ways? If we catch him eating something he stops when we tell him too, and never fights us when we pry his little mouth open and remove whatever he was eating.
Also since he had his last surgery he gets the worst gas! WORST! I'm worried that if he gets another it will be impossible to be in a room with him, and he needs to be touching me. You may think I'm kidding when I wonder who has the more toxic gas, Adam or Chachi, but really, Chachi is baaaddddd. (how a 6 pounder can smell so bad is a wonder)
So all in all, bloody dog, eats all of the bad stuff, I worry. sigh.