The Tweedles

Sunday, May 24, 2009

15 months!

Dear Beatrix,
Today you are 15 months old, and like every other month I marvel at how quickly time has passed!
This month you are making crazy connections with language. We use a lot of baby sign language and you have been making connections and forming 2 and 3 word phrases. Things like "more milk please", "strawberries please more", "baby please". Mostly you know to tag please onto anything, making your Mama proud, but I'm sure not making much sense to you at all. You also know "thank you" and are finally signing it regularily, although I might have to prompt you. Today you signed "bird" and pointed to one, which was a little shocking because it's not a sign that I use with you regularily. You are verbalizing a lot, with all sorts of consonants and vowels. Your favourite sound right now is "gno gno gno", and as always "mama mama mama!". It's quite adorable, please don't stop.
You seem to have decided that eating is no fun. I really have to work to get much of anything into you, but we work it out somehow. I can always get you to eat berries and other fruits, which is good, but I think it's giving you a bad diaper rash! Sometimes if I give you a fork or a spoon you'll eat, but not always. You've also seem to have broken up your love affair with peanut butter, which is also sad.
In other news your teeth are still all growing and are sharp as ever, and to my delight, you've learned that they're for biting! (But not Mama's fingers, which you don't) But I can give you food things and ask you to bite them. Like an apricot, or to my delight artichoke. We have so much fun with it. I put the leaf in your mouth, you clamp your wee chompers on it and I pull the leaf out all cleaned of it's yummy yummy flesh. Daddy think's we're werid, but I think it's wonderful that you love artichokes like me.
You continue to walk, and refuse to hold my hand, which is a little dismaying, since I need you to hold my hand in the street and in parking lots. I especially love your baby sprint. Oooo watching your wee little bum wiggle as you sprint to something, makes my day!
I think that you've become more imaginative with your toys, especially your dollies. I will find one in your potty, or having a nap on a blanket on the floor, or sleeping in a hammock I made for them. You like to brush their (non existant) hair and you try so hard to put diapers on them. Poor Shepard (the boy doll with the lamb) has been subject to your fashionista persona, he's often half undressed, his shirt just hanging off of his wee lamb.

more later mama's tired