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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

In the Past.

While I was in Calgary I dated lots of people. (Dated, in the sense that I would go on a date with someone and we would both retire to our respective homes when the date ended, no hanky panky.) Now that I am all married and living down in Northern Calfornia, the land of sunshine and lollypops, I am occasionally met with a blast from my past.
Just today I was IMed by some random guy that I went on a couple dates with. Initially I had no clue who he was, or what he wanted, I just figured he was some spammer or something. He reminded me that we went out a couple times a year ago. He explained what we did, (some random movie) and I remembered, and told him it was more like three years ago. We exchanged a few sentences about how time flies, yadda yadda yadda, and then he asked me if I was still in Calgary. I explained to him that I live in California now. Then he asked how long, and I replied that I've been here just over a year. Then nothing, the conversation ends, and he doesn't reply.
This conversation abandonment leads me to a couple conclusions: firstly that he is a dog, and just lookin' for a booty call, and he must be desperate 'cause I didn't give it up three years ago, why would I now? Secondly, clearly my dog-dar was not all that tuned a couple years ago, and in retrospect, it never was. And finally, even now, three years later and married; the boys- they know quality when they meet it!


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Internal conversation.

I've never hid that I think too much. All of the time. Like today, while I was doing my cardio here's a snippet of my internal conversation, ie a conversation I was having with myself:
"A better, more phonetical way to spell my name would be D-I-A-D-R-A, as in Diadora, the Italian soccer shoe."
"But then, could I still be Dea, as in D-E-A?"
"I've never seen myself as a D-E-E, even though phonetically I am a Dee."
"I wonder if being Dea causes some of the confusion with Deadra, because that Dea isn't Dee. it's Dia."
"However, I really identify with the D-E-A."
"If I were to be Diadra, I could make my Dee, D-I-I, like Wii...."

SO uhm, lately I've been thinking, that I think too much.


Monday, February 26, 2007

Nouns and verbs, please.

It seems that I am suffering from being alone too much. I have developed twin speak, but without a twin. Sometimes I even talk to Adam in my special language, expecting him to understand me. There are the times when he does, but mostly he looks at me like I'm wearing my bra on my head (and fantasizing about me being topless*). Mostly this happens when I want him to get something, or do something and my brain is working faster than my mouth, resulting in gibberish. His vacant look exacerbates me, 'cause shouldn't he know what I'm thinking? I know what I'm thinking, and we breathe the same air all the time now, shouldn't that count for something, some weird cognitive alignment? He should speak my language by now. But alas, not always.
Now when I garble some sentence of random syllables he reminds me about the basic building blocks of the English language.
"Nouns and verbs, please."

*apparently even when boys have the boobs committed to them for ever'n'ever they still revert to their old teenage selves when in presence of them.


Friday, February 23, 2007

Poor Girl.

So we all know that Britney shaved her head. The whole world is in a uproar about it, it's even pushing all of the Anna Nicole stuff to the second five minutes of some "news" shows. Anyhow check this out. It's sick! I think the world should just let this poor girl alone! I won't make fun of her. Poor girl, just needs to live her life and not be so scrutinized.
Stupid media!

Also the auction I linked too, will let someone the the hair immediately for $100,000, and they'll donate 20% to a charity. But they'll keep the other %80 for themselves? Stupid!

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Operation Save for a Couch.

I've decided that we need new couches, or at least one new couch and an oversized chair. The couches we have now are a little thread bare and old. Not that we aren't greatful for them, but they are getting worn out. Then to add to their worn-outedness, Chachi has managed to rip one of the back cushions and loves to pull all of the stuffing out. I think he wants to make me feel at home by replicating snow strewn throughout the livingroom. Luckily though, he has ripped it in an inconspicous spot and we have been "repairing" it with duct tape, but that only lasts so long. Thank you little puppy.
So we've picked out the couch we want. I like it because it's leather and washable, but it's cheap enough that if a pet scrathches it I won't have a heart attack. I think Adam would like to have the matching chair, but I think I would rather have one that is contrasting, maybe in a toile? (this is just a sample of the fabric, however, I am so excited at the prospect of an Asian toile, it's like nirvana!)
Anyhow in order to purchase a couch and a chair we will have to have the spare money to do it, so instead of increasing our debt load, I think we should go the old fashioned way and save for it. (seriously working for a bank has ruined my spending habits....) Last night we started Operation Save For a Couch, rather then spend $10 for Adam to get a hair cut, I just cut his hair for him. It looks okay if he only approaches people with his right side and always tilts his head a little to the left. Really I think I did a great job, and I did it all with scissors, not the clippers. At one point he looked like he had a bowl cut, and I had to stop for a couple minutes because we were laughing so hard. He thought it best that I not be laughing in spastic motions around his eyes with sharp scissors in hand. All in all I think it may have worked out, and we're $10 closer to getting our new livingroom.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Oh BIG News!

I'm so excited. My friend Colleen's friend who was going to be her bridesmaid flaked out and now I'm going to be her bridesmaid! I'm so excited. I get to wear a pretty dress and all the fun girly stuff. And the ironic part, the same thing happened to me and that's how she became one of mine last summer.
What a funny world we live in.
ALSO!! Adam got the Christina Aguilera tickets and we're going! YAY! But that means I have to watch 12 hours (give or take) of Star Wars. I sure hope that this is an excellent concert!

YAY pretty dress!

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Late last week our main computer died. Dead. Ka-put. Well from what I understand anyhow. I couldn't check my email, read blogs, or write my own, therefore the computer was dead. However, my husband, being the geeky genius he is resurrected it, and restored my files. Which I didn't panic about until he mentioned that he restored them.

Adam: How many pieces did you have saved?
Me: Saved? Pieces?
Adam: Your writing, on the computer....
Me: {immediate panic attack} I had an eighty page document! It can't be lost. ohmygod ohmygod, CRAP!
Adam: Okay, was it this one? {brings up a document}
Me: yay!

Not to say that I don't over react a little bit, but yeah I do.

So anyhow what I'm saying is that I lost some of my favourites, I can remember the titles of some, but I can't remember Colleen's and a couple others that I am sure don't read this. So uh, Colleen, can you email your website, puh-lease?

My trainer has started her own business and she is having a Saturday morning group workout in the Mountain View/ Sunnyvale area, if there is anyone interested let me know and I can get you in it too. The first week is free and she rocks. I really like how she works me out (hmm that sounds kinda kinky, but it's not). She's really inventive and workouts are never boring. And also, I have muscle definition, really and truly, and you can kinda see it, even though I have a slight protective layer! It's really exciting! Anyhow if you are in the bay area let me know.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Note to self.

When ordering a prescription refill, remember it's metformin,* not methadone. You will save yourself a lot of embarrassment that way.

*in case your freaking out thinking I have diabetes, I don't, it's a fertility drug too....


Shopper Abuse

Dear Obnoxious Canvasser at the grocery store:

You accosted me last night while I was on a quick trip to the store for a few dinner essentials. You said that you were collecting signatures to prevent cruelty to animals. You said that I should write my local politician and sign your petition, which I agreed to after I told you that I was a Canadian citizen, although an American resident. You replied with: "Well they don't need to know that." So I agreed to sign, mostly I was anxious to get away from you as you breathed your smoky breath on me and made me queasy. I asked which organization you were affiliated with, since your sign said only 'stop animal abuse.' You snarled at me that you just want to stop animal cruelty, I commented that there was no reason for you to be like that to me. You informed me that you are a New Yorker and all New Yorkers are like that, then you proceeded to snap at the man currently signing your "petition", and he cracked a knowing smile. Then you told me that you need ten dollars for me to sign it. I told you that I don't carry cash, you asked me to check, I found two singles and gave them to you, then you demanded that I look for more, because you need at least three dollars for me to sign. I told you that I don't have any more cash and I left.

Once inside I realized that you are most likely a fraud. Your "petition" had one name on it, and it was being done on a plain piece of paper. Hardly official. Furthermore you were rude to me, which isn't an effective way to get anything. In reality I should have marched my flip flop wearing ass back over to you and took my two dollars back. I hope that you and your accomplice were shut down sooner than later. If you were official and not a scam, then think, more bees with honey than vinegar!


Dear Albertsons:

See above.



Tuesday, February 13, 2007

To Card or Not to Card.

So the obvious, tomorrow is Valentines Day. Tomorrow morning I have an appointment with a practitioner at the RE clinic. I feel like I should make her a card, but I don't know what to write in it. After all, what do you say to the person who wields the hoohah probe?


The secret's out.

Here are the torrid details.


Friday, February 09, 2007


I woke up today feeling wiped out. Yesterday after I got the email from my landlord about parking and the garbage I was a little irritated, which is evidenced by my post yesterday. I was able to think a little rationally yesterday and realize that I was getting rather upset over something kinda trivial, so I talked to Adam about it, and he made the connection that fertility drugs+ Deadra= hormonal Deadra. He explained that he can tell when I start a new cycle of which ever drug I am on for that month, and my sanity lapses a little each time.
In my mind I try so hard to not let myself fly off the handle and manage my emotions well. I conscientiously think that I am feeling like ripping person/ pet X's head off, and it's hormones and the situation isn't that bad. But, according to Adam, I guess I'm not handling it as well as I though, OR I am handling it well and it could be so much worse. In any case I felt bad about how I reacted regarding the email. I didn't do anything stupid, I just wrote the blog and moaned to Adam, moved the car and dumped out (not our) garbage from the half full bin into the other full ones. Then I moaned to Adam more about the insanity of it all and that if it keeps up we're moving.
Then today, one of the backyard ladies came to the front door and told me not to park so far up the drive way 'cause it's her yard. I told her that I didn't know that she had an agreement with the landlord that we're not allowed to pull up further but I would try to accommodate her. She left and I went inside and fumed.
So suffice to say, I was livid again! I mentioned yesterday in the blog that the driveway is narrow and long, and we have wide cars. At the end of the drive way it gets a little wider, about 6ish inches, so I have more room to move the car over. Also I park next to the garbage cans, so apparently her "yard" is the garbage cans... I don't get it. Anyhow I don't know how I am going to park my car over enough to satisfy her and back enough where it's narrow, and still leave me enough room to open my car door without making myself into some kind of contortionist.
Do you think I'm right to be upset?
Also the back yard, outside of our fenced part is weeds and a large ground cover juniper plant, hardly a yard they make use of.... I told Adam that if all of this crap keeps up, I will seriously consider moving, I don't want to have this ordeal for a couple years.
Or I'm hormonal.

And at least I'm not living in a converted garage at the back of some lot.... heh heh.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

And it starts.

So the set up with the house is an interesting one. The lot is largeish, and in the back where there was a garage the landlords built 2 studio apartments. Each apartment is being rented by a lady. Adam and I call them the back door ladies, they haven't introduced themselves and I may have seen one, but the person I saw was not friendly. Anyhow...
So we have to share garbage with these ladies and they have emailed the landlord to complain that they are all filled up and we have filled them all up, but the thing is they are filled with stuff like pillows and other stuff from the people who moved out and I'm getting chided for it. I am sure that it's petty and most people wouldn't be upset by this, but it irritates the crap out of me, that they went and whined to the landlord instead of thinking about it, or maybe asking us about it? Also they get to their suites behind the house via the drive way, which is really narrow, and Adam and I both have wider than normal cars. So they are complaining that there is no room for them to walk. I will try to park closer to the edge but the fence juts out half way down and it makes it hard to park close, becasue it makes pulling out difficult. Mostly I am irritated because I feel like I am being chided like a small child for something that I have no control over. If they would have just looked a little harder at the "problems" then they would have seen that it's nothing that we have caused.
Right now I want to stand outside of my door and yell "Stupid Bitches!"

Okay and now I'm over it. I think I'll try and move the cars now so that they can get out in the morning, and see about pulling some of the bushes on the side so that they have room to walk out.


Oh Anna....

I am sure that everyone knows now that Anna Nicole Smith died today. I don't know how to react to it. I am a little shocked, but then again not really. It's not like she's lived a clean life and really took care of herself all that well. I immediately thought it was from taking diet pills, or some other drug OD. Adam thinks it may be suicide, or an OD. Mostly I feel really bad for her daughter. I hope her life is better than her mom's.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007


We have finally moved out of the other place and into the new place. It was hell. It took us 5 days, and we had a mover, but we opted to move a lot of the fragile stuff ourselves, and those of you who know Adam will know that we have a lot of fragile stuff. SO many computers! I think we made the smart choice moving the delicates ourselves, the movers, although freakishly strong, not so gentle. They dropped my dresser and the corner is amm smooshed and the back fell off. Luckily it's a lovely Ikea wonder and shall be fixed easily. They also managed to punch a hole in the wall near our spare bedroom. I shan't complain though. It's all done. The video is of the place before we moved much in. It's the Adam version, my version will come as soon as we win the battle with You Tube to let us post it. (it's not working for some reason) Anyhow the video is dark, but you get some idea of the whole house. The other video has more light.
Anyhow enjoy!

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We've moved

Hi everyone,

In case you've been wondering why Dea and I have disappeared for the last few days, we've been moving into a new place. Check out the video of the day we moved in.

We'll add more videos once we finish unpacking everything.