The Tweedles

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Royalty, Royalty everywhere.

Now that I live in Calfornia it's strange to think that I live in the same state as Hollywood, and all of the Hollywood crowd, like Britney, Lindsay, Hilary and *swoon* Paris! I just read about another one! Apparently Prince Albert of Monaco recently 'fessed to another love child. This one is 14 and lives in California. Which means she is a real princess, more than Paris. CRAZY. It's like I am so close!
A funny line in People, where the article was on this new princess, was commenting on the attractiveness of Prince Albert. The writer listed his shyness, his middle age spread and his balding. Then she reminded us that his name starts with "Prince". It made me giggle out loud. Oh how fickle us women are. sigh.... Well not me, but many of the other ones in the world. You know that all of his little one night trysts end with him leaving and the woman laying with her legs in the air and a frantic wish that his little swimmers fight the good fight.

Cookin' with Tweedle Dea

Yesterday I made a really lovely fruit salad, I thought I would share it with you all.
I mixed together a bunch of ripe fruit
I used watermelon, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and peaches
(I love Caifornia for all of the produce)
then I made a cup of mint tea,
then I made a simple syrup out of the tea- ie really really really sweet tea
then I poured about a cup of white wine over the fruit
and the syrup
and squeezed 2 oranges over it all.
I mixed it and let it sit in the fridge for a couple hours
and consume
it gets to be like a soup, but the fruit isn't all broken down there is just a lot of liguid, I just used a slotted spoon, but the liquid, it's so good. I love how the mint works with it all, and you can taste the wine. If anything I wouldn't have used so much sugar. But so so so good....

Sweet Syrup

I had a CT scan yesterday and with my cold I have been close to drinking the cough syrup on a regular basis to try to calm the seal barks. And there inlaid a problem. The cough syrup, at just the regular adult dose, gets me drunk. Not all crazy and alurry drunk, but a little bit wobbly and at a point I know I can't drive. So yesterday I couldn't take the syrup. I NEED THE SYRUP! I need it because without it I sound like I am going to die! Also I was going to a hospital, if you sound like I do, they tend to make you wear a SARS mask. Now I know that Ray can wear one with ease, but I don't want to wear one, it makes me feel all chokey. Anyhow long story short, I was a good girl, I went sans syrup. But let me tell you as soon as I got home, I took some.
And for those who care, my cold is a little better. My cough has changed, it's not such a painful dry cought, but it is so much more body wracking, but it doesn't hurt as much. YAY!

Friday, June 23, 2006

525600 minutes

525600 seasons

I loved that song. It's one of the songs from the movie "Rent". It seems that Adam and I have been on a movie binge, which would make sense since it's the summer and there are no shows on. Donald found his dude, a Survivor was declared, Taylor is standin' tall for all sexy grey haired 29 year olds, and well the Food Network always has new shows....
Tonight we watched "Rent", I really wanted to see it since we saw it when we were in New York we saw it. So we rented "Rent". It was, ok, I guess. It seemed to me it was more a Cole Notes version of the play, except the same length. The subtleties of the play were lost. They really spelled things out for you in the movie. For example a lot of the characters have AIDS and in the play you are left to figure that out on your own, but in the movie the characters tell you. In the play there is one point where it's made obvious that they have AIDS but it's not so in your face the whole time. (and I say AIDS not HIVpos 'cause they are all near death, so I would assume it's AIDS) All in all I preferred the play. Even though in a movie there are more sets and costumes and it's more elaborate, I think it detracts from the story after having seen it on Broadway. You notice the sets and the costumes more than you notice the plot and the actors. It's like looking at a black and white picture or a colour one. In the black and white one, you see the texture of skin and hair, but in a colour one you notice the colour of the hair, you wouldn't tell right away if it was fine or course. I feel the "Rent" the movie and play are like that. Also my experience with the play was amazing; I was front row centre after all....
I also found the movie to be rather didactic. Rather than document the lives of the characters through the year like the play does, the movie focuses so much on AIDS that it feels like over kill on showing how those with AIDS still deserve dignity. There is a moment in the play where there is a song about dying with dignity, but in the movie they gave that song more time than in the play. Adam remembers that song as one that was sang while they changes scenery, in the movie there was a long montage dedicated to it.
Also in the movie it seems that they tried to make it more political with the lesbian couple getting engaged. I am not sure if the intent was to show that lesbians are people too, which is lame. I know they are people, duh... but it was too obvious and therefore tacky. BUT, if the producers where doing to show how ahead of the times the play was in it time, (it takes place in the early 90s, before all of the issues now... which is a whole new entry, don't even get me started!) then it is far more prolific.
Well that is my rant on "Rent", I preferred the play, although I guess poetic license comes into play when taking something from the stage and bottling it.

Here is the entry from my old journal detailing us seeing "Rent" (the play)
2005-10-11 - 5:16 p.m.

I'm back from holidays and it was fun, except for the bad weather. So I don't want to whine about it being too hot, but it was, but mostly because I packed for a typical fall day in Alberta. But the East coast was having some crazy weather. When it wasn't scorching hot, it was raining cats and dogs. The last day we were there it was nice; there being New York. We saw we did we are addicted to Broadway (by we I mean me.) We saw Rent, it was AMAZING. They have a lottery wherein you arrive 2 hours before the show, write your name on a little ticket and hope for it to be drawn, if it is, you win. But you still have to pay for your ticket, but it was only $20 USD. Oh yeah for the 1st 2 rows. So Adam and I went on Saturday and we didn't "win", so we went back on Sunday and I "won" I was so excited I gave a little whoo hoo and a little skip into the line. Oh there were about 150 people there watching me make a fool of myself. But I couldn't be all cool and clam, INTERNET it was RENT!!!! So our seats were awesome, they were 1 seat off of centre, but since the orchestra was on the left side of the stage, we were by all purposes centre stage, oh yeah FRONT ROW!!!! Sigh, it was amazing. We also saw "Sweet Charity" with Christina Applegate, she was great, she can sing, she can dance and it was great great great! At Sweet Charity I saw this guy that I knew but I couldn't place. Adam didn't know it at all so it wasn't someone I knew from our life so I was only someone I knew. Then I realized it late, it was Mig from "Rockstar INXS" hmmm cool. I also saw John Lithgow, and Newman from Seinfeld.
I was cool though, I didn't go all freaky, but com'on people, I live in Alberta, these are people I'll never see in the flesh. It was really surreal to be 10 meters from Christina Applegate, it's so intimate that you feel akin to her, but then you realize, "hmm BIG star, you can't befriend her! silly Albertan girl!". But it was amazing, the whole trip was great. I have a whole cache of wonderful memories, and I love Adam even more!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ahh, I have my own Geek, does that make me a Trendsetter?

I found this article on MSN today, I could have linked to it, but I don't know how, and I don't really want to think that hard this morning.
Geekiness is the new cool. Just look at super-nerd Bill Gates and his ilk. Our new need for all things nerdy has infiltrated our sense of romance, too. Herewith, seven reasons to give that geek in the next cubicle a second look.

Geekiness is the new cool. Just look at super-nerd Bill Gates and his ilk or the recent Vote for Pedro T-shirt craze and you'll see that the geeks truly have inherited the earth. And our new need for all things nerdy has infiltrated our sense of romance, too. Herewith, seven reasons to give that geek in the next cubicle a second look and to get dreamy with a dork.

Perks by Proxy

The original definition of a geek is "a carnival performer whose act consists of outrageous feats such as biting the heads off live animals," but modern geekiness relates more to a certain obsession for all things computer- and technology-related, as well as a general sense of nerdiness. And so, dating a geek keeps you (and your approving pals and family) in the know and stockpiled with the world's newest and most fabulous technological gadgetry. You'll never have to make nice to your Internet provider's idiot customer service rep again. Here, here.

Dressed for Code

Many hardware hackers hang about in ill-fitting, mismatched bought-by-their-mama duds. To them, "style" has more to do with matching their iPod case to their pocket protector than handing over handfuls of cash for a few fancy labels. So when a geek actually gets dressed up for a special occasion (a second date with you might be such an outing), it's hard not to notice, and the old fall-for-a-hottie-in-a-suit thing comes into play.

Cyber Salaciousness

Geeks are inherently curious about the world around them. And inquisitiveness is a sexy quality to have in the sack, asking questions about your pleasure points and about what makes your hard drive hum. A know-it-all is the last kind of person you want to romp with ("This should feel good to you.have an orgasm now!). And bondage using ethernet cables for ropes works just as well as cuffs.

The Choice Is Yours

"All the good ones are either married or gay" just doesn't apply to geeks. There is a sea of eligible codemonkeys to choose from. Mostly quiet, observant and unnoticed until now, geeks have been lying in wait and come in all shapes and sizes to suit your preference. So don't be shy, pluck a processing personality from the geek pool and embrace your inner dork.

When it Comes to Brains, Size Does Matter

Usually well educated, a geek will engage you with enlightened conversation and fascinating tête-à-têtes. Not only that, but nerds generally take spelling and grammar seriously, which makes all the difference between love and loathe when it comes to IMs, emails and text messages.

Cost of Love

Geeks make low-maintenance boyfriends and girlfriends. You rarely have to dole out the dollars for hoity toity dinners on the town. Rather, many geeks are happy to order food in and play on-line poker together. And come birthdays and Valentine's Day, you won't have to worry about buying garishly expensive gifts: they already have all the techie gear they could ever want.

Theory of Relativity

Some egoists might argue that dating a geek is a safe bet because the nerd needs you more than you need the nerd, which translates into sure-fire fidelity, doting adoration and a brainy knack for remembering all the important dates. And walking side-by-side with your brainy companion can make even your worst hair moments seem trivial and your clumsiest slipups graceful.

HA! Although Adam does have fashion sense, he didnt wear a suit on our second date, but it is kinda scary how he has a lot of the other attributes!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


The next post is a little, shall we say, hmm rude....
Don't read it if you are prim and proper, or have any inclinations that I might be, becasue I am about to prove you wrong....

How hot is it?

Well let me tell you. First go and find a fat guy. But not just fat, morbidly obese, like the guy will keel over dead if he walks a flight of stairs. Ok now that you have him, remove his pants. Ok? Now bend him over or just flop him down on his belly. Now locate his bum hole. Ok? And stick your finger in it. Feel how hot that is? Yeah it's hotter than that here.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sweet Jee-Zuz it's all over.

Today is June 20th. Which means that the wedding was 4 days ago and we left Canada 2 days ago and should have arrived in California yesterday. Since I am writing this post you can assume that yes, I did survive the whole ordeal, but just bearly. For some unbeknownst reason I am so sick I can't breathe right. I woke up with a sore throat on Friday, which was the wedding day if anyone is keeping track. And now I have a lovely congested chest and infected ears. But!!!! It was the most amazing wedding. It's strange how it consumes you, the whole preparation. How you identify yourself with the wedding and all of the details. Like if the bow on the favours isn't just right the whole thing will be a giant flop. Funny, I am sure that some of the bows were crooked, because I am sure that the people who were setting up the tables were no where as anal as I, and wouldn't have straightened each one so it was protruding from the bag at the exact same angle as the other ones on the table. But you know what? No one noticed, no one commented that it would have been a great wedding except their bow was at a 30 degree angle but their date's was at a 28 degree angle. From all accounts everyone had a great time.
A funny part of the day? Oh yes me getting my massivly long veil caught on the railing as I turned the corner to go down the stairs as Etta James's "At Last" belts out. I had to stop and back up, it made for some amusing footage. I loved the chuckles I got when I went to read my vows and pulled out a scroll, and unrolled it and it went all of the way to the ground. I loved hearing Tessa exclaim "bubbles, bubbles!" throughout the ceremony and try to blow out the unity candle. You know? I even was happy with myself slopping chocolate on my dress. (it was nearing the end of the evening anyhow) I was so happy with her and Bailey, who wouldn't walk down the isle, and Tessa who ran down it, they were so cute. I loved how Tessa had the wedding co-ordinator ready to pull her hair out proclaiming that she had a "major crisis" becasue Tessa spilled OJ on her dress before the pictures. Sigh it wasn't a crisis, Tessa's 2, she was wearing white, she is meant to have spots, it wouldn't have been as perfect if she was pristine....
However, the getting into a car filled with newspaper and condoms, hmmm funny yes, but there is still condom lube on the leather. LEATHER people, Lea-ther.
All in all it was great. I have a hell of a cold and feel like a small creature has taken up residence in my sinuses, but considering what could have gone wrong in the past week, I'll take it!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Day Before the Day Before the Day....

So the wedding is very soon. I have yet to write my vows and the programs needs another round of editing. AHHHH. So the program, could I make it a one page program? Hmmm. Do you know me? If you don't just guess. That's right, it's 10 pages. Hee hee hee... poor Adam I made him help me get it all organized.
Yesterday I had a minor meltdown. I do have to clarify that there were no tears. I have yet to break down, but I have freaked out. Yesterday it was brought to my attention that one of Adam's random friends is back from England and wants to go to the wedding, with his girlfriend. Now lets rewind to June first when I MISTAKENLY thought that I wouldn't have to visit the craziness that was numbers of beef and chicken and seating plans. APPARENTLY I was wrong and now I must suffer for my indescretion. Last week I had 3 people un-RSVP, so I forwarded that on to the Wedding Pavillion, so I was all ok, because it was only one small change. Then another person backed out, but I left it, one extra plate of food can't be a bad thing. Then the guy and his girlfriend, so that means I need to order one more plate, I call the Pavillion again, and they say it's ok. Now I am informed yesterday that there is another COMPLETLY RANDOM person coming to the wedding. So I need to order 2 mmore meals. AHHHH.
So I am aware that I am being a totaly freak for stressing over something so small, but I am a wee bit of a perfectionist and the budget is crazy tight, and and and and and... Ok I'll stop now.
I get to pick up my dress today, which is exciting. This is my second fitting because there were some minor issues with the first set of alterations, but I am excited, and the seamstress has done a great job. I wonder thought how can I get the dress in the house and not let Adam see it. It's not like I can sneak it in under my arm, especially since he is coming with my to pick it up!
Well I should go and stop with the rambling. I promise when I get back to California that my postings will be a little more interesting.... We can go back to talking about the puppy's antics and Adam's chemical poos.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Aftermath.

Yesterday was stagette day for me and stag day for Adam. The stagette was fun, I had my nails done, pedicure and other pamperings. I was treated to party in a hotel, a dinner with a clown and dancing at a club. I realized that I am not the club girl that I once was. It was fun for about 10 minutes, then not so much. I am used to going to flirt and now I have no desire to flirt with random guys. Strange. Well not so much really.
On our way to the club this man stopped us and asked us to be in a commercial for the club since we were a big group and all excited. So we did, with no compensation, interesting! But it was amusing and if something actually happens to it, all the more interesting.
After the bar we went to hunt down Adam and his party. We found them at the strip club... clearly they were original! HA!
Anyhow Adam was cooked. He was so drunk I can't belive that he was breathing. I would like to send out a thank you to all of his friends who found it necissary to do that to a friend. And a sincere thank you to the mature one who was giving him water in beer bottles. Shall we say I was less than amused with the whole situation. Then some of them tried to get him to drink more, WHEN HE WAS PASSED OUT. WTF? Yeah I am not the favoured fiancee.... I wouldn't allow it, nor would I allow them to write on him. I guess I just don't understand why guys feel the need to punish their peers like this. Is it jelousy, is it anger? Or are they just mean? One of his friends said that since he guesses that he will be the last to get married he will get hazed bad at his stag so he is just making sure he is getting his just reward before his time. I call bullshit. But hey, I'm a bitch.
In any case Adam is really sick today. It's been a total write off for him. It sucks because he only gets so many days off for holidays and today was completely wasted. Furthermore he doesn't remember half of his day. I, on the other hand, had a great time and the focus of the party was on having fun, not punishing me. Sigh, another example of how women are superior to men. Hmmm I could apply a Darwinian theory here.
On to getting married in wedding season. Every bar that we went to last night was full of stagette parties and I was greeted with "CONGRATULATIONS!" everywhere I went. They were sincere, just as sincere as wishing a stranger "Happy St.Patrick's Day" or "Happy Valentine's Day", very Hallmark. I would suggest that getting married in the off season would make it more special and a little less mass produced, and everything is cheaper! Not that my wedding won't be my own or special, I'm just saying, you know?
And finally, family. Sigh. Do they want the free food, do they truly care, or am I asking too much of them? I bet I am asking too much of them. There is a rehersal dinner that I invited all of the out of towners to, and it seems that none can make it. Which I understand, but I wish that they could make it. I think it upsets me because all of Adam's family will be there, I feel more and more that this wedding could happen without me even arriving, short of me standing in front of everyone and professing my love for Adam, I am not sure that they may know who I am. I feel like I am just an incidental to this wedding, like whether or not we have vanilla or chocolate cake. ARG. I think that I am just feeling disjointed from it all perhaps becauase I have but so much effort into every minute detail. EVERY. MINUTE. DETAIL. As in every detail... I dream about the bows on the favours, and how the smaller inside bow isn't small enough and it isn't off set enough, so that the larger outside one is the same size as the smaller one and ahhhh... it won't look right. Then I wake up in a sweat realizing that I am a freak and that only I would know this. The funny bit is that I am not asking for help, I am just doing it myself. So I am not being a bridezilla, well not to anyone but myself.
I guess all in all I wish that I could enjoy all of this more, and feel that this is as much for me as it is for Adam and his family. It's hard though when your family only compromises 25 of the 87 guests.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Tomorrow is Friday

Do you know what tomorrow is? Hint the answer is in the title of this post. Do you know why tomorrow is significant? C'on, guess.... I'll wait.
Do dum la la, dee la, tra la la... laaaaa....
Ok did you guess?
Ok I have recovered.
So tomorrow, did I mention Adam gets to Calgary, and that I haven't seen him for almost a month.
That is the longest we have been seperated since before we met.
And that takes me to a "Friends" episode where Monica and Chandalar were getting ready to get married and they decided to abstain. Well.... I think that is a good idea, and it's been made really simple for me. Although we will be together for a week before the wedding, but we are staying in the room next to his parents. Again, easy easy easy.
Well on that note, have a lovely day!
YAY Adam comes in tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Exes

Ok, so I have just read my yesterday's post. I can understand why I don't get a lot of comments. I write like I think, sort of. Rather I organize my thoughts a lot more before I write them down. That being said can you imagine the jumble that is perpetually in my head? Oh yes it's that fun!
Moving on. I get married in 10 days, well I guess it might be showing as 9 since it's after midnight. Anyhow very soon. This is leaving an intresting impression on me. I know that I am already married, yadda yadda yadda. There has been far more anticipation for this marriage and a HELL of a lot more work. So I feel more of the anxiety.
I have been thinking about some of the past boys. I thought that I would address it. Lucky you, eh?
So my very very very first boyfriend, one that we can call a boyfriend, was Arvelle. He was an American Army boy. I met him when I was in Korea. He was 6'4", and for the record I am 5'0". Interesting, no? Oh yes.... I could piggy back him and his feet would drag on the ground. Anyhow we had an interesting relationship. He was an ass and I was naive and lonely in the Korean town of Taegu all alone. I am convinced he cheated on me when he went stateside and I went home to Canada. Buggar! Oh well, I learned that I need a back bone, and I sprouted a little one. Anyhow the whole thing ended when I moved to Seoul without telling him. I hated my job, my boss was the quintessential bad Korean boss and Arvelle was an ass. The boy had no clue how lucky he was, so I left without telling him. It took him a week to notice.
Then while I was in Korea there were *cough*several*cough* guys that I met. I wasn't a slutty girl, but I did date some of them and learned some more about the boys, particularly the American Army variety. Yeah... some are pretty, all kinda heroish, many really dirty and horny.
Anyhow I am back in Canada. I meet Mike. We have fun. YAY, cute, fun, creative. YAY ME! Oh them The Conversation, in which he interrupts an early relationship make-out session and he asks where I "think this is going?" I reply all casually "lets just have fun and let things happen."
He makes a face, and hems and haws, and says... (you need to sit for this)
"I can't see myself ever loving you because you aren't thin enough."
OH YES HE DID!!! I untangled myself from him and demanded to be taken home. I didn't talk to him for a few weeks. Finally I took his calls. We went to a movie, and I was mean mean mean to him. I can be really witty at times, and I can make the wit mean. Let me tell you Internet, that was some of the meanest wit I have ever let flow. He took it all in, and never flinched. We went out again several times. Then I decided that I wanted to go to England. We started dating. I felt that I made him pay enough. (*cough*goodsex*cough*) Anyhow a few weeks before I leave he asks if there was any chance I would change my mind and stay in Canada. I tell him, "$800 non-refundable ticket". Also he didn't want to have children. I think I may have mentioned before that I would like to have my own little brood. So I reasoned with him that one of us would be frustrated later in life and I don't think that a relationship is the best for the two of us. I go to England.
While in England I met guys, but I didn't have a relationship with them. I have to tell you a story about this one bloke I met, but I'll save that for a whole new post, this story needs it's own post.
So I come back to Canada. I end up in Calgary and meet lots of guys. But I was working like a crazy person and there was no time in my life for anyone. Enter Maximus. Now I am not sure how Maximus would classify our relationship, but for this post I will say that there was one. We saw a lot of each other over an extended period of time, but there was no beginning or end. It just kinda was, and then it wasn't. For the record we are still friends today, I even invited him to my wedding. Anyhow we had a lot of fun, and had great conversations. He is a very intelligent man and knew which buttons to push to make me fly into a rage, only so he could laugh at me, and make me realize that I am a dork. Mostly we "argued" about the merits of being Canadian. He is American but lived half of his life in Canada. He is a Republican, and I AM NOT. I am sure that there are still some traumatized restaurant goers in Calgary who listened to some of our conversations. In any case he was great, but I worked a lot, and then he moved back to the US. Funny coincidence he lives near to where I live in CA! HA!
After good ol' Maximus there was more dating and playin' the field, and enter Peter.
Oh Peter. He was Greek, he was a football player, he was smart, he was metro sexual, he was everything I thought I would want in a guy. He was an ass. He would only come to my house, I never went to his. We never went out. He would never stay the night. I never met any of his friends. And Internet? The, uhm... stuff? Not so good. But the boy was pretty. So pretty. And he was smart, so intelligent, we were well matched in that respect, we could have the most interesting conversations. I learned a conversationalist does not a good boyfriend make. He wouldn't commit. I started to wonder if he was married and I was a secret. I know that his "job" may not have been on the up and up. And I am on the up and up, I am such a goody goody that I had issues with that. There was another small complication. I met Peter through his brother. I kinda had a little thing with his brother, who was going to the states to play hockey on some farm team or something like that. So the brother-who called himself Chris, which wasn't his name I later found out, approved of me set me up with his brother- Peter. I didn't see a problem with it because I didn't have anything serious with 'Chris'. Anyhow 'Chris' didn't last long in the states and came back to Canada. He tried to hook up with me, I declined because of Peter. 'Chris' asked if we were serious. I didn't answer, but I wouldn't "hook up" with him. I told all of this to Peter who said that he would have been very upset had I "hooked up" with 'Chris'. Still Peter would not commit. So one day I call him and leave a stinging message on his cell because he stood me up. He returned my call, and left me a message proclaiming his love for me.
Yeah that's what I said.
So I ask him about this later, and he stumbles out this lame assed answer and I get fully fed up and essentially ignore him for a while. Eventually everything between us fades away. We would see some of each other for a while, but nothing really.
Enter Lionel. Lionel... oh the British boy with the accent. We worked together and found each other attractive. We decide to go for a beer one night and find that we are more than just a little attracted to each other. But we had to cut the night short. The next day I was going to Edmonton to play in a rugby tournament. So as we leave the pub it starts to drizzle. He walks me to my car and wishes me good luck. I thank him and start to get in as he walks away. I think that I want to have a reason to talk to him again, so I get out of my car, and it's raining harder now and I call out to him that he can call me at 8 pm the next day I should be home. He can't hear me, so he comes closer and I repeat myself. He hears and gets a big smile and leans in and kisses me. It was the most romantic first kiss I had had to date. I remember the smell of his cologne and the raindrops on his glasses. So ensues a relationship. It lasted a month. He decides that he wanted to get back together with this other girl and didn't want to cheat on me. Fine I say. I was pissed.
I spend some time with my brother and his friends and I end up with Darcy. He is a long time friend of my brother and quite intelligent, and he has this flaming read hair. I am not sure how I would classify this relationship, it was strange. Being in my brother's world is really surreal to me, we have always had our own circles, so being in his is strange. Anyhow Darcy tells my brother's girlfriend that I am not thin enough. She tells my brother who is devastated. And I find out. "Not again" I lament. I blow Darcy off and I know that he is a loser. Apparently he is married to some chick who is double his weight. I don't care.
A year later Lionel realizes that he still wants me and makes a sad attempt, I squash him. It was great.
So Peter. This time around it wasn't better.... It was just sporadic and lame. It wasn't a relationship, it was stupid and a waste of my time, but he is so good looking, sometimes a girl just needs to gawk at a guy... ya dig?
Then there was this little guy who was like an inch taller than me, and I can't remember his name. He was weird, so it didn't last. But there was an intense period of spending every non-working moment together. He was a little weird for me, and the conversations got bad fast. It ended. I just stopped it.
Oh and more Peter.
Then I meet this guy.
He was cute, but not quite the type of guy I have ever dated before. He is quite possibly the smartest person I have ever met. He is a great conversationalist, he loves my niece, all of my friends approve and he is sweet. I don't get a vibe from him that he is a user, I don't feel the need to have my guard up. But I have had it up for a long long time, and so it wasn't easy to put it down. I was always at ease with him, so soon it came down. Then I have to move away for work. I was okay meeting this guy, and going on dates with him even though I didn't think that he was "my type" because I knew I was leaving. Then I realized that he was growing on me. I brushed that feeling off. I moved, 4 hours away from Calgary. He came to visit me the first weekend I was there. I realized that I may have stumbled on to something here.
We make plans to see each other again, then again. I have to keep a calendar to keep track of where I am going, and when he is coming. Christmas comes and I take holidays and spend a lot of time with him. Then I realize that I love him. I LOVE HIM! I have never loved. I told Arvelle that I loved him, but it was in response to him telling me that he loved me. In retrospect I did not love Arvelle, I didn't know what it was. But now I know it's love. I keep it to myself; I don't want to scare this guy off.
I feel like this is a precarious relationship. I live a long ways away, we only had a few weeks of us both living in Calgary and he seems so perfect; and perfect never works for me. Time passes, we see each other every weekend, and doing everything we can to make sure that we see each other. Valentines comes. He comes to visit me. Finally I break down and tell him that I love him. He doesn’t return the thought. I am a little crushed. We continue to see each other every weekend. Then I move to a slightly closer town, now it's only a 3 hour drive. YAY. Around now he tells me that he loves me. I am ecstatic, elated and just plain ol' as happy as I have ever been. We go to BC, he meets my family and my friends, they all approve.
We still see each other every weekend. Then he goes away for a month to Europe. I pine for him. He comes back and I love him more, we are reunited and happy as can be. Weekend trips continue. Summer starts and we have a great time. More weekends. Fall time now. We go to the east coast and I am a bitch to him. We have fun, but the stress of my work has finally gotten to me and I can barely deal with it. He doesn't ever bat an eyelash and deals with it and still loves me. I feel that I love him so much that I might choke and die. I deal with the stress, and things are so perfect. Then work moves me close. We move in together, I get to see him everyday. EVERY. DAY. It's more amazing that you can comprehend.
He is offered a job in California, he accepts. We know that we have to be together. Now that we are living together and seeing each other everyday, and cuddling every night, we can't go back to the long distance thing. We get engaged, secretly. Then a week later we tell everyone and a week after that we are married and move to California. 6 months later, I am here; at his parents writing about him.
As it turns out he was my type. I had to go through Arvelle, Mike, Peter, Lionel, Darcy, Maximus, the nameless one and countless other dates to meet Adam.
I am so head over heels in love with him. I still can't believe my good luck to have met him and to be so lucky as to get to spend the rest of my life with him. I know that we are already married, and that on the 16th it's just a ceremony, but I feel no jitters, just anticipation, and luck. I am so lucky. I am so happy. I am so in love.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Aliens, tumours and an OCD puppy.

Arg, a little blogger comment. So when you type in your title and hit enter, it publishes it. Do you have any idea how many times I have published a blank entry? Oh like EVERY BLOODY TIME! Apparently I am enter happy. Hmmm.
So Aliens. I have some pregnant friends. I may have mentioned them. Or more likely how insanley jelous I am of them. Ahhh but you may have, do they have an OCD puppy? No they do not, but I digress, and I foreshadow.... My pregnant friends. 66% of them have gotten a 3D sonogram and shared the pictures with me. They are very cool, and the engineers at GE rock for creating this thing, hey I should marry a smart engineer. Oh wait.... Anyhow the sonograms. So the pictures have this intresting patina, everything is in shades of beige. Which I am sure gives more depth than shades of grey, and shades of any other colour would be weird, like red, would be kinda gory, and blue, although a nice colour may freak some mothers out. So the beige baby- kinda looks like an alien. And careful now, this isn't coming from me, it's from one of the mothers! Although I kinda have to agree with her, and I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE MY OWN LITTLE ALIEN!
On tumours. I don't think I have one; but if I did it would explain why my head regularily feels like it is going to split open. I have been getting these massive headaches. Complete with puking, dizziness and messed up depth perception. The doctors? No effing clue what is going on. Figures, doctors just don't get me. I say I don't want to take drugs, they look confused. Sigh. I am convinced that a lot of people's problems come from taking too many drugs. I bet with some people if you cut off their left leg it will spill out capsules. Also if I want to have a baby I can't take half of the drugs that they want me to take. So I get to look into the wonderful world of alternative medicine. Sounds kinda intresting... well I am sure that I will keep you up to date! Also when I get back to CA, I get to go for a cat scan. So I get out of taking the drugs, but I still get to be shot full of radiation. FUN. Well there isn't a bun in the oven yet, so I am sure it should be ok. I hope. Oh and the cool thing about the headaches? The light shows, which are accompanied by this lovely snapping sound, the shooting pain? Not so nice....
And the OCD puppy. I was playing with Chachi today and he was running from me to the same spot on the floor. Run to me, then the spot, to me, the spot, me spot me spot. It was like he was thinking, "must make to spot, or mama will die, must make to spot must make to spot". Kinda made me giggle. Oh and to be a totally freaky pet parent: Chachi lost his first tooth. It's cute, he has this little tooth hole in his bottom gums, and the other teeth around it are all loose. We don't play tug of war so I am sure that they are naturally loose. So cute. It's his right middle tooth, if you care.
Oh just wait until I have kids... you will be regailed with the texture, consistency and frequency of the poos. AND YOU WILL LIKE IT!
Well I am off to ice my head and sleep, dreams of little aliens.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

I have all of the answers.

Lisa and Jenny you are close, but you didn't factor in the "Dea Factor", I'll give you each 12 points though, clearly you deserve it. I'm not sure on the value of the points, but you can say that you have 12 whole points!
So Sue and I are a year apart in a goofy sense. In Korea a child is counted as one when they are born, and then you add a year to your age every Lunar New Year, not on your date of birth as we do. So although Sue was born in 1980 in Korean age she is 27. I am 28 by our standards. By Korean standards I am 30, and by our standards Sue is 25. By using a fushion of aging we are a year apart.

Do you want to know what else I learned regarding Korean customs?
Well I am going to tell you anyhow.
First a language lesson.
Mother is Uma.
Father is Upa.
Pee is she.
Mother in law is She-Uma.
Father in law is She-Upa.

This struck me as strange. I am sure that it is not the same She, but it amused me a little. (Not that I think that my in laws are pee-ey, I just learned all this and thought it was strange.)

Friday, June 02, 2006

Things that make you hmmmm.

My cousin and I both lived and taught in Korea in different cities. This is where he met his wife Sue. Sue is 27 and I am 28. She was born in 1980 and me in 1977. How is this possible?
10 points if you know how, and 2 just for de-lurking.