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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

3 month Newsletter

Dear Hudson,
Today, sweet boy, you are 3 months old. I remember when Trixie was little I thought that 3 months was such a milestone, the point where you left being an infant and ventured into being a real baby. I find that this is holding true for you too. You've started to show more of your personality, which is mellow and wiggly. Seems like a contradiction, right? But in reality you are a real go with the flow kind of guy. The only time you fuss is when you're hungry or have a wet diaper. Other than that, you take what life dishes you, which is mostly your sister right in your face. Luckily she loves you to pieces and is in your face showering you with slobbery kisses and information about various toys and books. She loves to show you things and I often hear "Yook Huh-son, yook!", and you oblige and look.
You've perfected your smile, which is pretty open mouthed, but you have the smiling with your eyes down. You are a great smiler. And recently you've started to giggle which is lovely. I find that you giggle the most in your sleep though, which is amusing.
This month we went to New Zealand so you could meet your Nana and Papa and you had a great time. The flight there and back was a breeze for you. Mostly you slept and ate, you spent some time flirting with the people around you, which amused me. I can see the fear in their eyes when they realize that they're seated next to a baby for a 13+ hour flight, but at the end of both flights I had a lot of compliments on what a "good"baby you were. (Trixie was a good toddler too, I"m such a lucky Mama.)
While in New Zealand you had a growth spurt and needed to eat a lot, so the stash of formula we took with us ran out sooner than we liked, luckily they have formula over there too! Now that we're home you've slowed down your consumption and are back to your 4 ounce bottles. Also you've gone the way of your sister and seem to have a dairy sensitivity. You are a super puker. Oh boy, there's a reason Daddy and I call you a Cheesy Boy, you produce lots of good quality cheese!
Also this month you've really started to study your hands and sometimes you'll notice your feet, but they're not nearly as interesting as your hands. When you are playing with your activity centre, you've started to purposely grab for the dangling toys to make them rattle or wrinkle. I suspect that soon you'll start holding things which will be nice!
You love to look around and are quite a people watcher, although you're not so fond of loud places, they stress you out a lot.
You are happy to be worn, but after our trip you're a little burned out on being worn too much, after all you were worn for a week straight when we were in Australia. I'm going to be happy when I can wear you on my back so I can get more chores done. You love to be held and are a mama's boy, so I sometimes find it challenging to get laundry folded when you are awake and want to play. Which is fine, playing with you is much more fun than folding laundry!
A week ago you had your 2 month check up, (which was late) and you are 30th percentile for weight (13 lbs) and 70th for length (24 inches), so right now you are long and skinny, we'll see what happens at your next check up, I know that these things change up a lot.
Your sleep is good. You sleep a solid 7 hours in a row at night, but you have to be swaddled to get this much sleep, other than that you wiggle yourself awake. You fall asleep best when you get to nurse to sleep and will reject a bottle to nurse, which warms my Mama heart.
My sweet boy, I am so in love with you, and I am so grateful for you!
love Mama.



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