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Monday, November 23, 2009


Lately Trixie's vocabulary has really been expanding and she's been adding names to her list of "words". She's known the names of her friends for a while, but it's nice to hear that she can actually talk to them using something sounding like their names. However even cuter are the names for her grandparents.
Adam has Trixie talk to his parents frequently on the computer via a video chat, so she's become familiar with them and who they are. I'm pretty sure she realizes that they are two people, but she calls them both "Bubba", which is so cute, and kinda funny. I'll point to Adam's mom as ask who it is and she'll answer "Bubba" and the same with Adam's dad, "Bubba". With her toddler talk, she might have a slightly different name that sounds awfully the same for each, but for now it's Bubba and Bubba.
Then yesterday we talked to my Dad and my Step mom online and she recognized them from a year ago and labelled them correctly as Nana and Papa. That was impressive and she addressed them as such. Even drawing a picture of Nana and showing it to her.
For my mom she calls her "Graingma", I'm sure it'll evolve into Gramma at some time.
I'm kinda interested in what Bubba and Bubba will turn into.


At 12/02/2009 3:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

she can call me graingma as long as she wants to


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