The Tweedles

Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Aftermath.

Adam and I want to have a signature drink at the wedding. I think it will be a martini, and we will call it the Tweedletini. Now the fun part. We have to make one up, this will involve testing a lot of martinis. Last night we tried the Marilyn, it had Grand Marnier, Creme De Caco, Vanilla Vodka and I added a little milk. It was potent, I thought it was too strong, and Adam liked it. He drank the whole thing. Then we had a Chocolate one, it had Creme De Caco, Bailey's and Lemon Vodka, it was good, I liked it better than the first. Adam drank it. Then we had a Raspberry one, Rasberry Vodka, Vanilla Vodka, Baliey's and Creme De Caco. I really liked this one. Adam drank it. I also made a Vodka Martini. Neither of us liked it. Adam drank some of it.
Enter sleep time
So we go to bed and Adam is, shall we say, drunk? He passes out. I watch TV. He wakes up... the following conversation happens.
Dea: You're alive! Praise be!
Adam: mumble mumble mumble lovey love love.
D: Huh?
A: mumbles
D: I can't understand you.
A: I said, I love you.
D: awww (tickles him)
A: Hey I'll go somewhere where the tickle girl isn't.
D: Oh really, where?
A: I don't want to embarass you.
D: What?
A: mumble mumble strawberry mumble
D: So where are you going to go?
A: I didn't say that!
D: Yes you did.
A: You're silly.
D: Oh really?
A: mumbles
D: Where are you going to go? And how aren't you going to embarass me?
(clearly I made a crucial error here, too many questions at once.)
A: You know, I want an attactive girl, I don't want you to think that you need to be a strawberry.
D: A strawberry?
A: You know some girls are apples and pears andI don't want you to think you have to be a strawberry.
D: Uhhh ok, so what am I?
A: You're attractive.
D: I'm a fruit?
A: mumbles
D:Which fruit?
A: On 17th.
D: Huh?
A: The legal girls on 17th.
D: Excuse me?
A: For television.
D: You want a legal aged hooker from Calgary on television?
A: No silly! Quit twisting what I said.
D: Clearly, the twisting....
A: You know, the people from 17th who have ugle kitchens who are near being bankrupt and they go on the food network just so that they can get a new kitchen.
D: ohhhh, what does that have to do with fruit?
A: Fruit? You're being silly.
D: Clearly.
A: We were talking about the Food Network.
D: Were we?
A: Yes, you're silly!
D: You're drunk, I think you need sleep.
A: mumbles. rolls over

I didn't follow that too well either. I told Adam about this conversation this morning. He laughed and said that I should have just told him to go to sleep. It was way too funny to tell him to go to sleep, it was more amusing to listen to him as he had this conviction that he was right.

Moving on. The 23th came and went and we didn't realize it. We've been married a whole month, and there isn't any carnage.

Well we have to clean the house, we went to Costco and Fry's yesterday and bought the equivalent to what a new sofa would have cost. But we did get a new vaccuum, a crock pot, a massager, a foot bath, a game, and a video game, a lot of booze and a lot of meat. Fun.
Ok going to clean now.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Today is beef stew day.

At the gym today my trainer and I were looking around and noticing the other people that work out there and it made me giggle. We weren't making fun of them but we were looking around. I figure that she sees a lot of people a day and I want to make sure that she has fun with me so that she is all nice and well it's fun to have fun, and I want to make sure that I have fun too so I keep going. Anyhow I am my normal silly self inbetween the greuling bits. So the whole thing made me think of whne I used to work out with Cori and all of the fun we used to have when we went to the gym in Westbank. There were some characters when we worked out together. There was Yo Samity Sam and his bitch. He had this crazy handle bar moustache and she would run and do his bidding for him and get a half assed workout in between his sets. There was Bouncer boy, who was this massive guy who was a bouncer at the bar we always went to. And Mr. Mister, he was just cute. Anyhow those were the ones that we saw the most, and it kept us amused. I am sure that everyone had names for us, like the Talks a lot Sisters, or Hooter Mania... who knows... but if we were naming ourselves I am sure that those would come up, or the obvious "The Goddesses".
When I was living in evil hell town, I mean Vegreville, I went to a gym there and I also kept a blog, I'll cut and paste the entry about that. It was kinda funny, and I also thought of it today cause there were so many old people that go to the gym I do, casue it's day time.

This is from January 26, 2005
Ok I'll add a real entry now, although the other one stands.I was at the gym yesterday and a man came in and he had a cane, yes a cane. he proceeds to walk over to the treadmills and get one and start the belt going and walk on the treadmill. Did I mention he has a cane. Should a man who uses a cane walk on a treadmill? I don't know about that. may ride the reclining bike but a treadmill? So I know I'm beating a dead horse, but it doesn't make sense. If he was doing some kind of therapy maybe he should have his therpist there, as I was sweatin' with the oldies (not a very young gym) I watched him in the mirror and he stumbled... again man with cane probably not a good idea to be on the treadmill. He wasn't using his cane on the treadmill, but he did have a death grip on the handlebars, and I can guess it wasn't so he could get his heart rate.So I pondered that last night.. man at gym with cane, and I remembered a story my friend told me about a couple going to the zoo with their seeing eye dogs. The dogs caused the wild wolves and lynxs to go crazy. So it makes me wonder, why would someone who needs a seeing eye dog go to the zoo? I am sure that the wolves aren't there to be petted seeing as they are foaming at the mouth and trying to break out of their cages to attack the seeing eye dogs. And it's not a petting zoo, it's a regular zoo where people go to LOOK at animals. Why would you go someplace to look at animals if you can't see them. Blind wife: Oh lets go to the zoo I've been dying to smell the elephants.Blind husband: Oh yes I love the smell of a good tiger! Not to mention how those monkeys sound!

Oh the title, I'm making Adam beef stew for dinner.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Who said this?

If we can get two bottles of the Chardonnay port I'll only buy the puppy a hoodie and a t-shirt this season.


Yesterday Adam and I went to Sonoma. We thought since the weather was kinda off that it wouldn't be that busy, but we forgot to factor in that it is the long weekend. Every winery was quite busy. In any case it was fun. We went to about 5 wineries, and bought 10ish bottles. We found the Chardonnay that we want to have at the wedding. It was one of those wines that pops out and screams that you have to buy it, it was that good. It was really educational to try the wines here. I was most amazed at Zinfadel, at home we have white Zinfadel which is ok, but the red down here is quite nice. It's like a starter red wine, it doesn't have the bite of a Shiraz, but it still is red winey. (gotta love my descriptions eh?) We tried a lot of port. There was one lovley one which starts out like a port and finishes with a clean grape flavor, I liked it. We had a nother one which was a Zinfadel, and it was so good that we bought it too, then the last place we went had a Chardonnay port. We bought 2 bottles. We also bought a pink wine, and a lovely desert wine with a stong pink grapefruit nose. I really liked it. I thought it was a lot like an icewine, but thinner, very pleasent.
We also bought some olive oil since they make it down here too, and did you know that olive oil should be consumed when it is fresh and should be in a dark bottle? We also got a nice olive paste, so the first people to come and visit us gets a nice treat!
Finally we went to this amazing Italian restaurant, OMG it was so good.... I will be going back there.
Then we came home, Adam had a monumental headache and I was a little hungover.
Today we finish unpacking.

Friday, February 17, 2006


No, Alber-TAH, Alberta. You know the second province from the left, in CANADA.

The Cat

Y'all know about Bonsai. He's the other man in my life, all sexy with his sleeky grey self, nicely dappled with white And his hygene? Immaculate! (he never misses the litter box and grooms himself all the time!) He's a real communicator, always letting me know how he feels. What more could I ask for in "the other man".
So the cat, he's large, 16 lbs, and he likes to cuddle. Which is fine, until you feel him compress the life out of you and he sleeps on your chest or back, or squish your boobs until you wonder if they can pop-- as is my case really, I don't think that Adam suffers with that. When Bonsai can't situate himself direct on us he will be happy with smushing his body right next to one of us while we are sleeping, or his favorite right between us. SCORE! Toughing both of my humans at once!
Now this sounds all cute and sweet and stuff, except he is a big cat, and when he sleeps he must be right against someone. Here in lays the problem, Adam and I sleep in the bed, not perched on the side, and again I stress, big cat. SO when he gets all settled we're seperated from each other and unable to move at the risk of falling off of the bed. The cat mostly sleeps between us since we are both side sleepers so he can't sleep on us, so we are forced to the sides of the bed. You just can't slide him out of the way, becasue he's, uhmmm a big cat.
I actually woke up last night and would move him to the foot of the bed so he can sleep down there, and I spent a lot of time petting him and making sure he was all happy before I went back to sleep. As I would lay down he grabbed my and with his paws! Sneaky little devil. So I would pet him more and quickly retreat. Then he would get us and try to sneak back to his sweet spot. So I would tell him "NO", and he would give this look of feigned innocence. I SWEAR HE DID. But he would stop walking and stand there until I closed my eyes. Then he would creep up some more. Again NO! and innocent look and pause, eyes closed, creep NO!... yadda yadda yadda. So I would move him to the foot again. This went on for an hour, and it's the middle of the night. Then I got this thought that I should let him sleep where he wants cause when we get the puppy he will sleep at the head with us with him being so small and such, and I dont' want Bonsai to be jelous. So Adam and I perched ourselves on the edge of the bed and Bonsai got the sweet spot.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Day one in operation be a Californian.

I have messages. For me, on my blog! Yay. So today I drove all by myself! Yes, I'm a big girl now all independant and such. Well it wasn't so much that I didn't want to drive it was I didn't want to drive Adam's car. It's so wide and I was all thinking that people drive all freaky here. I haven't really seen that, but his car is still wide, and I don't want to crash it. Besides I've never really liked driving anyhow, but I can't be a homebody forever! My first big excursion all alone? To the gym my friend, where I met my trainer, all 4'9" of her. I feel like a giant! It's great. Hmm I wonder if she trains big ol' muscle heads, I wonder if she would be able to lift a bar off of one, she's tiny, yo! But she's sweet, and she drives a Mustang so she's all good. I don't have much to talk about. I want looking around at the other blogs that I read and one was talking about how Britney was driving with her son on her lap... she's so classy, I need to meet her and be her best friend! It will be like soo cool, and we will walk around and wear trucker hats and dirty clothes and stuff, and be seen in public actin' a fool.... like yeah! Wait was I channeling Britney or Ashlee, or was that Ashlee pretending to be Britney. Oi my little skull it aches at the theories.
Well I should be a good little house wife and fold my hubby's panties.
ta ta!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Livin' the Dream!

Hi Friends, Family and anyone else who has stumbled onto this site.
So a blog! Just for you! To peek in on my life! (and make sure that Adam is still alive, all systems are go and he's eating vegetables every day!)
I am sure some people may wonder why Tweedles. It's simple, I"m Dea and he's Dumm (as christened by Tessa), so you have it, TweedleDea and TweedleDumm, we're the Tweedles!
Adam and I have big plans for this blog. A way for eveyone to keep up to date with out us having to send out a million emails saying the same this. Think of this being a big mass email, with some other people looking in! Fun! Soon we'll also get a website and when we send out the invitations you'll go there to RSVP, cool eh?
Well I am going to go and search to see what kind of veil I want... I have been thinking about a catherdral length one, but with the boa, that might be weird... I dunno.... Also they are quite expensive, so I am thinking of making one, that should be hair pulling fun.