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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Year End Meme.

I was at Indego Girl's site and she did a meme where she posted the first line of the first post of each month. (On a side note, it was so interesting to follow the link that she had to the blog where she got the idea, then their link so on and so forth.)
I don't have a full 12 months since I started this in Feburary.

A Year in Review....

Hi Friends, Family and anyone else who has stumbled onto this site.
So there have been some "winter" storms here.
So today at the gym I was all proud of myself.
I am fully legal now licensed to drive here.
My cousin and I both lived and taught in Korea in different cities.
My friend Monica had her baby!
So sorry to have neglected you all....
I've been neglecting my blog for a while.
I didn't know what to call this post.
Last night was CRAZY!
I wonder if there will be a wee void in the blogging world today.

So in retrospect, I moved, and became a legal citizen of California. I often make light of the climate here, esp when it's "cold". Many friends had many babies. I neglect my readers, but they know I love them. And I had fun this year. So here's to another!



OK First go and read Adam's blog on personality traits.
So I just did the same test, and I am an INFJ. Adam is an ESTP. Of each of the 4 categories there are 2 options. IE: group one you are either I or E, two you are N or S... ok get it? So Adam and I are complete opposites. Complete.
He says it's a good think. On a team you want all of the traits covered so that you can approach the problem from all ways, however it probably means that you may disagree how to compete said problem. So our team of two has everything covered, we are completly complimentary. However, that means that we will have/ had disagreements. That part sucks, but we both have the same goals, which is good.


I (heart) a Bosu.

What's a Bosu you ask. It's a lovely work out-ey thing-a-ma-jig. (Being in California has made me so hip) So today when I was working I was using it. It's great fun, and so versatile. But the reason I'm talking about it is that I was doing one legged squats on it, with the balley side down, so I was standing on the flat side. I don't know if that makes it harder than on the other side, mostly I guess it works different parts. When the ball side is down then you really have to stabilize with your core and big leg muscles. When the ball side is up, you have to stabilize with your feet and ankles. Personally I like the ball side down.
Well that's all I have to say, I just wanted to share that with the world.
Oh and also, I'm still alive, I haven't frozen to death. 'Cause did you know? A record was set yesterday, it was the coldest ever! It reached zero celcius.
We're all going to freeze to death down here. Send help.

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Monday, December 18, 2006

Negative Nancy

The other day when we went into the RE's office I bet Adam that the receptionist would be her normal cheerful self. By cheerful I mean negative and complainy. Normally she whines about her headache, how the computers never work, how the nurses and doctors just don't appreciate her. (she whines that to other staff people that come in to talk to her) This time Adam commented that she would whine about the rain. And ya know? She did. While we were sitting waiting for them to perform torture on me, I listened to her complain to everyone. I had nothing to do, I couldn't read another pregnancy magazine, they are a little torturous for me right now.... Anyhow did she complain, and when I thought she was all out, she did some more. To the patients, about her little minute things; "oh my head hurts", "the rain is so dreary", "Christmas is so expensive", blah blah blah. I wanted to yell at her: "Lady your head hurts and the rain sucks, but I can't have a baby, and nor can anyone else in this room! I am sure that anyone here would like to exchange with you!" But no one says anything to her, they just coddle her and she accepts their sympathy. It's sick, sick, sick.
(Almost as sick as baby magazines in an infertility clinic.)
Anyhow it made me think, when I was working at the bank there was always some lady in the branch who was like this. A regular Negative Nancy. She was always at least mid 50s, had hair straight from the 80s, all curly and short, leaving rows of curls on the top of her head. She always would dress in suits which were ill fitted and at least 20 years old. She would often complain that people weren't as professional as she, and would point out specific examples. She would detail how she could run the branch better than the manager. In the branches I was in, she was generally a front line person, (ie teller) and would detail how the lenders were lazy and didn't appreciate the CSRs, then in the next breath complain how she has to work 15 minutes extra everyday. She never realized that the lenders were in before her, and left after her, or that although we would get to sit at a desk, we didn't get as many breaks as she did, and often had a steady stream of customers. And when our customers left, we weren't done with them, we generally had several more hours of work.
So the point I am trying to make, well there isn't one, just that the Negative Nancy is universal.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Blast From the Past.

I received an email today from some guy that I went out on a date with before I met Adam. He was asking if I was still living in Vegreville, or if I was back in Calgary. I took some pleasure in telling him that I was married and living in California. He replied back saying that he wasn't surprised that I was "quite a catch". It kinda made my day.

I couldn't remember who he was, then it dawned on me. Him and I went to this swanky steak house and I had to pay for my own meal, then he took me on a "romantic drive", where he lectured me that when shifting your car should just about be red lining first. (I never took his advise.) He took me to some look out point, and tried to contort his very long body over me so he could try and cuddle me. It was all very awkward and I wasn't being helpful, because I didn't really have any attraction to him. Then we he dropped me back off at my car he kissed me. Like grabbed me and jammed his tongue into my mouth first kiss. That's when I really realized that he was a no go. I couldn't help but laugh at this. It was so uncomfortable that I couldn't help myself. I had to go to pick up my roommate from work, and we giggled about it. All in all, he was kinda sweet, but mostly really awkward and tried way too hard.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Happy happy happy happy


It was my Dad's and Gay's anniversary on the 10th, and I forgot. I am a horrible, horrible daughter, I know.

This is them and Adam and I at the wedding. (It's the most recent picture them. And I don't think I've published anything where you can see my wedding dress....)

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Mish Mash.

Blogger has a beta option now, so I've switched over. If you can't post a comment, that could be a reason, try signing up, or fidgeting with it, I have no clue how to fix it right now. I'll see what I can find out.

Milly is good. Which is yay. Last month when the RE was pokin' around he saw something bad, and apparently it sorted itself out, which is good, 'cause there was a lot of pain when the sorting was happening. The procedure, was uncomfortable. There was a moment of white hot pain, it wasn't localized, it was everywhere. Not fun at all. But I survived. Apparently my uterus doesn't like being filled up all at once, which makes sense, when one gets pregnant, it's gradual. Anyhow good news, but I'm not going to exhale yet, 'cause he couldn't really get a good view.

The rainy season started here. Arg, I don't like the rain. I think I prefer snow over rain. But I reserve the right to change my mind. The rain also makes for hellish driving conditions. Since the freeways are often at a standstill, especially on the ramps there is an oil accumulation, so when that gets wet, it's slick, slick, slick. Today on the way home, a car totally lost control right in front of me as he was exiting on to the freeway, off a ramp. I swerved, sharply into the other lane, and luckily it was empty. It's a little scary to think what would have happened if I couldn't have been able to swerve over. I was at highway speed, and the guy was speeding, shooting up the ramp like a banshee. When I saw him coming up I noticed that he was really speeding, and that at his speed he would merge before I got there, but then he lost control and nearly flipped. It looked like he was ricocheting off of thin air, in my lane, the merge lane, and almost into the fast lane. Crazy scary. He didn't roll, and I didn't hit him. Which is good, but scary. Adam warned me about how the roads can get slick here and I was thinking of it today when I was driving, so I was mindful of it. Apparently this guy wasn't. I wonder what would happen if it were to ever snow here. Oi, I will not leave my house!

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Brace yourselves....

Tomorrow I go into for a saliene ultrasound. It sounds a lot more luxurious than it is. The doctor is going to fill my uterus with saline and look at it. I am not looking forward to it at all. I do not like speculums and the ultrasound probey thing, kinda hurts. But let's not dwell on the ickyness of it all, and how I will be grumpy during the whole thing. Instead I need to name my uterus, 'casue frankly there might be some talking about it, and well I don't like calling it, "it". So I hereby dub my uterus, Milly.

Tomorrow Milly is going to get a nice saliene spa treatment. Lucky her!


New Camera

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Sunday, December 10, 2006


"When I would make hotdogs, I would look for a couple pieces of bread that weren't mouldy, then I would put a couple hotdogs in the microwave, and cook them until they split. And because it was the only time I ate that day I would plie four hotdogs on the bread, with only mustard, 'cause I had no relish and the ketchup went bad."

"Well, you would rather have those hotdogs than the ones I made you last night?"

"You make it a production, with relish and ketchup and oven fries. I have low expectaions, so when you ask what I want for dinner I don't know."

"Low expectations? Good to know. So tonight for dinner, my left over cereal from breakfast."



A haiku I dreamt.

uninal mint will
be drenched in expensive
green margaritas


More on that.

Going on a holiday will not get me pregnant.
Wishing, hoping, praying, soul searching, will not get me pregnant.
There is something wrong with the bits involved and they need to be medically fixed, no amount of ohmming will change that.
This isn't me being a bitch, it's me being real.


Saturday, December 09, 2006

Dear Santa, take two*

*Blogger and I had some issues.

My Dearest Santa,

Please find enclosed my wish list for 2006.

Santa, this year was very exciting! Apparently I got one of my wishes from last year, and yes he puts the toilet seat down, thank you! We were actually married twice this year, you know for extra luck. It was pointed out to us that 50% of marriages fail, so if we were married two times, with each wedding giving us a 50% chance of making it work, then we now have a 100% chance. But really Santa, we didn't need the 2nd one, because we knew we were all good anyhow.

So this year Santa, I have another list.

1. A Dutch oven set. I accidentally let the rice cook too long one night and it ruined my large pot, so I need a new one, and Dutch ovens are so lovely.

2. A digital camera. The one we have now is a little old and creaky, but it still works, kinda.

3. A laptop. It seems that Adam and I are always jockeying for the computer, so another one for me would be great!

4. More sweaters for Chachi, in size XS. Oh he is so cute in an argyle sweater!

5. Shoes. A girl can never have too many.

6. A baby. Well a pregnancy would be great, 'cause after all Santa, I've been really good this year. I make Adam's dinner every night, I make sure his laundry is almost always done, and well, puh-lease?

Well Santa, that is my list for this year. I am sure that there are more things, but I can add them later. I think Adam has a list too, but mostly just bring him gadgetey stuff, he loves it.


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Friday, December 08, 2006

How To Fake it at Christmas


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Love Thursday.

Karen over at Chookooloonks encourages her readers to post a picture depicting love on Thursdays, hence Love Thursday.

Here is Adam and I when we went on our first trip together. It was March '05 and we went to Vancouver, Seattle and the Okanagan. I met some of his friends, and he met some of mine and my Dad and Gay (my step mom). It was just prior to this trip that I professed my love to Adam, although I had known since Christmas. As it turns out he had known since Christmas too, but kept me in suspense until June.

Yeah, June. Oi.

But now we tell each other several times a day. We even have a code for 'I love you'. It's a secret though, the code, not the love.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tinky Winky? Say it ain't so!

Go and read this, then let's talk.

Okay, done?

Let's talk about the insane ridiculousness of this. First of all, why is Reverend Jerry Falwell watching the Teletubbies so closely? Secondly, who is he to "out" someone? That's just plain unfair and tacky. Besides his argument is based around Tinky Winky being purple and having a triangle on his head. Clearly all signs of being gay. What is he going to do when the introduce the new Teletubby, the rainbow coloured one, with a phallus on his head, named Doomee Doomee.

Stupid stupid stupid.

I really wish that the extreme right, or anyone really would get over it. There are gay people, get over it! Being gay isn't morally wrong, but it is morally wrong to judge someone for who they are. I quote Mr. Falwell: "As a Christian I feel that role modelling the gay lifestyle is damaging to the moral lives of children." But do you know the funniest part of this argument? When the haters try to quote the bible.

Well back to our regularly scheduled drivel!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Stick it!

Or rather, stick me? I had to take a test, (one of many) today and it involved 2 (TWO) needles.

Feel sorry for me.

Tomorrow is another ultrasound. I hope there are no probes involved.

Monday, December 04, 2006


You know how people often comment that there should be a test for parents before they can get pregnant? Did you know there is one? It's a random test, much like drug testing in sports, with less pee and more humiliation. When you pass the test you get a baby. Some people don't even know they are being tested, they just think that they are lucky or that their birth control is infallible. However for the people who find out they're being tested it's a fun fun ride. Full of probes, crazy hormones and lots of exciting emotions.
Those being tested get to look forward to:
masturbation in a cup (more fun than you ever expected!)
medications to make your hormones rock you like nothing ever before
weird probe-y ultrasounds (they use bulk condoms on them, kinda funny)
saline ultrasounds (wherein your uterus becomes a water balloon)

I was chosen for testing, I sure hope I pass!

Saturday, December 02, 2006


Every year on Christmas morning my brother and I would wake up and open our stockings which would be full of wrapped gifts, which were generally small trinkets and a Toblerone bar. We loved the stocking routine and would tear into it with wild abandon. Then after Mom woke up we would take all of the presents from under the tree and pile them into the car. My brother and I would be dressed and Mom would stay in her pajamas and we would drive to my grandparents house, which would be full of cousins and aunts and uncles. We would add our presents to the pile which peaked half way up Grannie and Grampa's 5 foot tree.

Looking at all of the presents was torture for all of the cousins, we knew that we had hours of fun waiting, but we were forbidden from it. We all had to eat breakfast of smoked kippers and eggs first, then clean up and then assemble in the livingroom, announce a "Santa". The lucky Santa would give everyone each one gift from the pile and we would go around the room each opening theirs in turn. The recipient would thank the giver and we would all ohh and ahh over it, and the process would repeat. It was torture! Finally the whole system would break down and we would all be opening at the same time. Then drunk off of the whole escapade we would sit and revel in our presents, often being coerced to eat something delectable or we would be chased out of the house, so we all could play together.

The rest of the day would be a blur of food, cousins, wrapping paper and tempers. There was bound to be a temper tantrum or argument of some sort, dividing the cousins. All of the hurt feelings would be soothed with pumpkin pie after dinner. Once the dishes were once again cleared and cleaned, the aunts and uncles would round up the cousins and leave with their booty. Eventually it would just be my brother and I, our mom and grandparents. We were always the last to leave, and we wouldn't always take all of our booty home that night. It would trickle home over the next couple days.

As the cousins got older and aunts and uncles moved away the whole process started to break down. There would be a smaller gathering, and the cousins who were there wouldn't bring their under the tree gifts, as it was cumbersome. My mom still made sure we brought ours though, and the cousins would watch us open more gifts than them. We weren't as willing to go and play outside, so we would roam around the grandparents house, bored and anxious. Dinner would come and go, and it would be fabulous, always capped with pumpkin pie.

Adam's Christmases were similar, the children would open one present the night before, after much cajoling and begging by the children. The parents would pick out the gift and it would always be pajamas, ensuring the children all matched and were cute in their Christmas Day pictures. Adam recalls it took a few years before they realized that it was always pajamas the night before.

The next morning the children would open their stockings as soon as they woke up and wait for the parents to join them before starting on the under the tree gifts, then came breakfast, or brunch and family time. As him, his brother and their cousin aged, they would wake up later and later every year. Soon they were being woken by their parents, not the other way around. The simple thrill of unwrapping a gift became less thrilling and family time became more interesting. Soon there was no breakfast, only brunches, and childish exuberance lost.

Now Adam and I are about to have our first Christmas together as a married couple. I'm anxious to have our own traditions, and keep some of our old ones. We've decided that we will prepare a stocking for each other this year, and I have insisted that the gifts in the stocking be wrapped. It was something my mom always did and I always loved. Adam is less enthused about extra wrapping. We've also decided that rather than giving each other gifts we will, instead, give one to ourselves. I've tried to think of other traditions that we can start now, but it's hard. He insists that traditions happen and aren't really created. I understand this, but I still want to come up with something. Even if it's small, like having a certain kind of cookie, or listening to a specific song. I want something that is identifiable to us, to create a legacy of our little family that our children will remember and totally take for granted.

Friday, December 01, 2006

One Year

Adam and I have been living together for one year today. Although last November I was at his parents for the month becasue we couldn't find anywhere in Airdrie, AB. So really it's been 13 months, but we've been paying rent together for 12.

I was particularily excited about this because I've never lived with a significant other, and we didn't kill each other. Also Adam has had a few long term relationships before me, and they have all been longer than our current relationship, (with the exception of one). Whereas I haven't been with anyone longer than 6 disfunctional months. I know that Adam had a fear of me being psycho and all weird to live with, now while I don't claim to be completly with out oddness, I think I am past the psycho stuff. So long story shortened, we made it, yay. Although the whole marriage thing kinda preempts the worry about the living situations though. What's been really cool is that living with his is easy, there haven't been any weird compromises, we live together really well. We're both anal about the same stuff, and lax about the same too, so it's been an easy ride.


Life after November.

I wonder if there will be a wee void in the blogging world today. Or on the other hand everyone is used to blogging everyday and will continue to do so. I dunno, I'll keep you posted, or not.
In any case I'll keep trying to keep up with my posting, although I won't have a heart attack when I realize it's 10:30 and I haven't posted yet.