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Sunday, November 30, 2008

end of NaBloPoMo

It was a long month and I nearly made it. I only missed a couple of days, but in 3 years of doing this, I've never missed before today. Shameful, I know.
YAY it's December, bring on Christmas!


Rugby stuff

If you're tuned into the rugby world you know that there has been some chatter about how the Haka has been received lately.
If you're not tuned into the rugby world, or if you are a total rugby novice, I'll explain.
So first of all, the Haka is a war posturing "dance" traditionally done by the Maoris to get their adrenalin going and to freak out their opponents, and it was adopted by the All Blacks, who preform it before every match.
So as those of you in the know, know, when New Zealand played Wales last week, the Welsh team decided that they were going to take a couple of moments before the game started, after the Kiwis did their Haka, and this caused chatter in the rugby world. Many are wondering if perhaps it's unfair that the Kiwis get the time before the match to do this, and the other teams don't. Then the game today between the All Blacks and England... while the All Blacks were doing the Haka the English spectators sang "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" so loud that you couldn't hear the Haka at all.
So the controversy begins.
Personally I think that the All Blacks should continue to do the Haka and if other teams have issue with it, they can either answer to it with their own response Haka, which would be showing the Kiwis respect by doing it. (the Irish did this in 1989 and it was well received) Or perhaps each team could come up with their own thing to do to pump themselves up. In any case I think that the Haka has become an institution in rugby and I think it needs to stay, and being given the respect it always has been given.

On to other much more important issues:
isn't he yummy?

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Saturday, November 29, 2008


Yesterday we bought heaps of wine, but in that haul were some bottles of ice wine. So those of you in the know would be all shocked that I bought ice wine in New Zealand, I was. But, young grasshopper, I would reply, it is possible to make ice wine, even in the warm parts of New Zealand. Yes, technology, even the ancient kind, you know the kind where you apply cold to something and it freezes!
So apparently it is possible to make Ice wine in NZ. They just cheat! I asked a few places how they did it, one place picked their ice wine grapes at the same time as all of the other ones, then froze them whole for a couple months to dry them out and concentrate their sugars then pressed and made wine. This results in a more acidic, yet sweet ice wine. It's light like a Canadian Late Harvest, not thick on the palate and really sweet like a traditional ice wine. Also, so cheap! Like $8 US a bottle! I liked it, but it does pale in comparison to Canadian late harvests or ice wines. The acidity that it has is interesting, and it helps to cut the overt sweetness. They can achieve this by picking the grapes earlier.
Another way that it was made (I learned) was to pick them a little later then freeze and crush. Results in a sweet ice wine with less acidity. Still not as good as the Canadian counterparts, and still cheap cheap cheap. The last way I learned was to pick early or late, crush then freeze... I didn't notice much difference in the freeze then crush vs the crush then freeze, still not as good as the Canadian stuff.
I also found a Late Harvest in NZ, which is left on the vines and gets a mould or a fungus (I can't remember which) and the mouldy fungus dehydrates the grapes leaving them sweeter, and makes for a late harvest. I've also had wine from Napa like this, sold as a late harvest. Here's it's also called a Nobel wine, or if you get a cheeky sommolier a rotten wine. It's more expensive than ice wine here, and still not as good as a Canadian Late Harvest.
Now a little confusion, Late Harvest in Canada (as I learned) is when the grapes are harvested late, and thereby frozen, but not as cold as ice wine. So they are harvested at perhaps minus 8 rather than minus 13, which makes them a late harvest. However here it can be the result of the mouldy fungus, and the same in Napa. So it's not a true late harvest, which I understand to be the result of actually harvesting the grapes late, when they are frozen. Perhaps I have issues with it 'cause I am Canadian and proud of our wines, like the French are of their Champagne. So I will call a late harvest a late harvest and the rest are merely rotten wines... unless of course they are Nobel.

On another note, Chardonnay.
Those who know me know I love an oaky Chardonnay, and the oakier the better. But I'm noticing a trend that there are less and less okay Chards being made, with wine makers trending towards a less oaky, less buttery Chard, which is disturbing. So I think I need to start a movement. If you want a fruity, light white wine then drink a Pinot Gris/ Grigio or a Sauv. Blanc, but please don't mess with my oaky Chardonnay, I do love it so!
(That being said, I did have a buttery un oaked chard, which was quite good, but would have been so much better with the oak.) (to make it buttery they add an enzyme, fun with chemistry!)

Finally another wine after my heart, port, or fortified wine to call an apple an apple. We found a lovely one, which was oaky and fruity and so lovely....

Hmm after all this talk of wine, I think I'm off to have a glass or two or three....

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Okay first of all business....
I've missed a couple of posts, I'm ashamed. So very ashamed. It's hard to keep up with this daily posting thing, while on vacation in a country half of the world away and keep track of what time it is at home, oh also? Sketchy internets.

Okay wine.
I loves the wine, oh yes I do.
So today as we were leaving Napier (in Hawks Bay, big ol' wine country in NZ) we decided that we would hit up a couple wineries. So at 10 am we go to the first one, taste 4 or 5 wines, buy a bottle and go to the next one, expecting the same, 4or 5 and go to the next place. Except... at the second winery there were 10 tastings with a fortified wine at the end, and since Adam isn't much of a port man I finished his too, so that's 11 tastings. It's safe to say I'm tipsy. It's noon. So on to the next winery, I taste 5 more wines and we buy one or two bottles, and I can't remember 'cause I was a little more than tipsy; in my defense, the wine was good!
To combat the tipsyness we stayed there for a very posh and pricey lunch and then head off towards Gisborne, but I manage to convince Adam that we need to stop at a couple more wineries. Heh heh heh. We stopped at one, and I had many more tastes. Then I slept most of the 3 hour drive back to Gisborne.
So our grand total of bottles of wine bought so far this trip is 18. Our luggage is going to be heavy!!
(also lets note how relaxed the US is about bringing booze into the country!)

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


We're in Wellington! It's the capitol of New Zealand. We drove down yesterday with a short stop in Naiper to see the how the city is all art deco-ey. When we got to Wellington there were no hotel rooms anywhere, so we went to the closest town, Lower Hut and there were no rooms there, so we went to Upper Hut and finally were able to find a room.
Today we're at Te Papa which is the museum in Wellington. Some parts of it were really amazing, of course I loved all of the Maori exhibits....
We're off to stay in a posh hotel tonight then back towards Gisborne tomorrow with lots of winery stops. I wonder how many bottles of wine I can take home, so far we have 9! (the tariff in the USA is 10 cents a bottle if you are over limit)
(sorry short, on pay internet with an uber crappy keyboard!)

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gisborne Airport

Adam here...

So we arrived in New Zealand, and caught a connecting flight to Gisborne where Dea's folks live. After we land, I notice this!

That's the runway at Gisborne airport, a real commercial airport with dozens of flights a day. And crossing the runway is a train track. An active railway, that carries trains every day.

Who designs this stuff?


Monday, November 24, 2008

9 months

Dear Beatrix,
Today, my sweet baby you turn 9 months old! And what a crazy month it's been! You've been very busy, on all aspects of development. You are trying so hard to learn to crawl, and you have certainly mastered moving backwards, and as of today you have crawled forwards a couple of crawls or steps as they may be. I suspect that I will soon have a very mobile and active baby on my hands. Even without the ability to move forwards all that well you are quite good at getting around. Initially you would spin on your tummy, but more recently you have been kind of scooting and pushing yourself around backwards. Not always to an intended place, but where ever you seem to end up is good for you.
In terms of your eating, you've decided that pureed foods aren't at all acceptable, and you much prefer finger foods. And really, my little darling, that is okay with me. I wouldn't want to eat pureed foods all of the time either! Your Daddy and I have exposed you to all sorts of different types of cuisines, and you love them all. The most shocking one that you've had has been Indian, and you ate it up, surprising everyone in the restaurant! Just a couple of days ago we gave you some really watery apple juice and you seemed to be a little confused with it, but you soon learned that it was good stuff... liquid ambrosia, as one of our friends calls it.
You still love bananas and all things banana related the best and I can always get you to eat them. Often for breakfast you and I will sit on the floor and share a couple of waffles and a banana.
We've been travelling again this month. Right now we are in New Zealand visiting your Nana and Papa. You adjusted very well to the time change, much better than your Daddy! And since we've been here you've had lots of fun and lots of kiwis! I think that you might be a little New Zealander at heart!
You have started chatting more, but not using a lot of hard consonants yet; a lot of mamas and dadas, but mostly you love to sing. You sing at everything, at your toys, when we're in the car, if you hear something humming, and along with Mama. Also with the singing, you love it when I sing, even though I am always flat, you seem to love it. If you are fussing I just need to belt you "Twinkle Twinkle" or "The Grand Ol' Duke" and you immediately stop fussing. It's quite adorable, and frankly, makes me feel so special.
Your potty training or potty learning continues to go well. In the 3 months that we have been doing it you have had only a couple of poopy diapers, I would guess less than 5! Everyone is quite amazed that you are so smart and that you are learning so quickly, but we know that you would do better if I was better at noticing when you are peeing! We'll figure it out though, you and I, we will.
We're still working on your signing, and we use several signs, and I know that you know them because you'll get excited when I make a sign, and rather than you signing back, you flap your arms. I am sure that like your pottying, you'll start using your signs more and more. I did notice this month though, that you do use your milk sign often, I just wasn't noticing it. Silly Mama!
You have developed quite a sense of humour and will laugh at so many things. Your favourite thing to laugh at though, is Daddy and his funny faces. I think that perhaps you might be a little comedienne in the making! Chachi also never fails to crack you up, especially when you two are playing tug of war. It's so sweet!
Trixie, my little darling, you are the sweetest baby and I am so happy that you're mine!
Love always,

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Honey Hive and Meadery

Today we're going to a mead brewery. I've had mead before and didn't much like it, but I do love honey and perhaps this will be yummier mead.
Trixie is 9 months old today here, but not yet in North America... which totally doesn't make sense, I know.
Well, I'm on paid internet, and therefor I have no time. Perhaps I'll have to do another nablowrimo in January so that I can have more time to prattle on and on....
Until we meet again....

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Yummy Hangi Dinner

Last night we had our Hangi dinner, and it was so good! The Hangi is the method that the meal is cooked in, like a luau, it's traditionally cooked in a heated pit, however ours was cooked in a geothermal oven since we're in an area that is full of volcanic activity. Anyhow, it was good, not good for a vegetarian though! Our meal had 7 different kinds of meat in it, so kind of a cholesterol fest! (well not really, there was shrimp, mussels, fish, chicken, pork, lamb and venison). We also had Pavlova, rum pudding and bread and butter pudding. So good! After the dinner there was a Maori concert which was pretty amazing. Trixie was mesmerized by the dancing and singing. Then Adam and my dad were called up to learn the Haka, which was a funny, funny sight.
All in all I want to go to another one, not 'cause of the food, which was good, the but concert was so much better!

And so concludes my review of the Hangi.

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Pucker Power

Dearest Trixie,
When kissing Mama, could you pucker your sweet little lips? The open mouthed kissed while you're teething and super drooling are cute, but a little impractical.
Love always,
Your drool smeared Mama.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008


We're in Rotorua, it's the Kiwi equivalent of Banff for tourists. There's a lake and a bunch of hot springs and stuff. Becasue of all of the geothermal activity the whole area smells of sulphur, ick!
Tomorrow we're going to a hangi which is like a luau. Fun!
Anyhow short post 'cause it's $2 for 15 minutes!
Hopefully this will post on CA's time, or I've missed a day! DOH!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tooth Watch

Day 270...
no teeth. However there have been a lot of drool, buckets and buckets, for about 4 months now.
We're waiting....

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Eating in Kiwiland.

So far we haven't had anything quintessentially kiwi (except for kiwis*!), but today we did go to McDonalds to get something to drink and we were looking at the burgers expecting to see a lamb burger or something like that. There were no lamb burgers, but there was a Kiwi Burger, which wan't made of wee little Kiwi birds or the fruit, it was strange though.
Kiwi Burger, a la McDonalds (bottom to top):
bottom bun
burger patty (it's a big one, like the quarter pounder)
obscene amount of lettuce
tomato slices
pickled beet slices
top bum

Sounds good?
Honestly it was, okay. The egg was a shock, and I didn't like it much, and there were too many onions, but I always think that. The pickled beet? Really good! It just adds that pickled taste to the burger, and I love beets, so why not? I did have to take it all apart since it fell apart, and I ended up not eating the patty 'cause, well together it's okay, but on it's own McDonalds beef isn't that great!

Tonight we're having mussels, YUMM! And I've been promised a roast of mutton! hmmm.....

* I had a yellow kiwi, it's like a green one but not as tangy or acidic. It was nice. Trixie was playing with one and managed to break the skin and eat much of it! Oh yeah, we have pictures!

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Monday, November 17, 2008


I've been wearing Trixie a lot here and it's strange the looks of total amazement I get. A lot of people are commenting about how they are surprised to see that I have a baby "in there", I guess they just think I'm wearing a back pack. I thought that I would see a lot more people wearing babies, but I've seen no one and we've been out and about both days that we have been here.
Hopefully soon.... I don't think I have the energy to convert a whole country!

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

We've arrived!

We're here! We're in New Zealand! It looks a lot like California, well more than a lot. I don't much feel like I've left, except for the whole driving on the wrong side of the road thing.
I don't feel much jet lag, but I don't think I can say the same for Trixie and Adam. Trixie is a little grumpier than usual and Adam is kinda morose.... It will pass, I'm sure!
Anyhow Regan is going to guest post, so I won't steal her thunder.
Boom away Regan, boom away!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

T minus 6 hours

Until we board a plane for 13 hours, with a baby.
hmmmm doesn't Benadryl help babies to sleep?

Also on the gall bladder news. I have a surgery date! I've suggested we call it the plop and drop date, as in they will plop it out of me and drop it into some receptacle. Hopefully... unless there is too much scar tissue then I will get a big ol' cut, above the bikini line. Which will ruin any chances I'd ever had to wear a Princess Leia gold bikini and be convincing. Oh well.

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Friday, November 14, 2008


I watched Survivor last night and the skinny science guy, Bob, made his own idol. It seems that this has been a trend in past seasons. Ozzy made one last season, and Yao Man another season, and I think someone else did another time, so it's common. I started to think, that I should either create a "make your own idol kit" or just take the fixin's to make my own if I should ever go on the show.
(not that I plan on it, but you know, things happen.)
Also if I ever go on the show, I will swear on Adam or Trixie to get what I want, you know why I can do this with no shame? Because it's a game! Oh and really what does it mean to swear on someone? Is it like no trade-seys? Or no take-sey back-sies? So then kinda by definition Survivor is just a higher stakes playground game?

Oh yeah I go to New Zealand tomorrow! Whoo hoo!

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Gall! (bladder)

Hey did you notice the post from yesterday, kinda lame, eh? I know that Adam wrote it, from his phone in the ER, and I'm totally not judging his writing. In fact I am so happy he posted, helps with the one a day, ya know. Anyhow there's totally a story.

Since I've had Trixie I've had these excruciatingly bad pains in my abdomen and I thought that they were gas pains, so I went with that, gas pains. I took Gas-X like it was candy and complained and moaned that I was going to die, waiting for the pain to pass. At first it did in a couple of hours, and during that time I was still able to function, so it wasn't much of an issue. But each episode would get worse and worse and finally when I would have "the pain" I would be layed up in bed quietly dying... although I'm sure Adam would say I wasn't so quiet. (so painful!) Before I went to Canada the last time I had "the pain" again and it lasted 3 days, which also included me being on a plane with Trixie. Lets say I was less than amused. It sucked. I'm not sure how I survived. While in Canada I had "the pain" two more times, for a shorter time, but so much more intense. Anyhow can you see where this is going?
I keep getting gas pains, they are getting worse and worse and more frequent. I don't see a doctor, eat Gas X like it's candy and it does nothing. I suffer, Adam gets little sleep.
Then I get the mother of all of the episodes last Saturday night and it's so painful that I throw up, several times, which wears my throat raw and makes me have bloody puke. On Monday Adam tells me to call the doctor, and she tries to prescribe me antacids. I refuse because I want to know why this is happening, and not just mask it with drugs, because I would like to get pregnant soon and I don't want to be reliant on scary drugs. My doctor gets exasperated with me and sends me to a allergist who pokes me many times for a skin test which proves I have no allergies (yay I can drink milk again!) I have many blood tests and I am not pregnant, no allergic to wheat and have no issues with any of the organs she tested. (she didn't test my liver....) Then last night "the pains" start again. So I rush to take an over the counter antacid and a handful of tums all washed down with some strong peppermint tea. I wait. There is still a lot of pain. Adam comes home and finds me crying from the pain (seriously as bad as labour pain, but with no breaks) so I call an advise nurse who tells me to go to the hospital NOW! We pack up the baby and go. We fill out forms, have my blood pressure checked and temperature checked (high- duh!, normal) and we wait. While we wait Trixie makes eyes at everyone she sees and they all coo over her, I try not to bite off the heads of random strangers in a hospital who are touching my baby, and I practice the breathing techniques I learned in my birth class. (they worked!) Finally I am called in and placed in a small room. I am asked a lot of questions, over and over. (why don't they read each other's notes?) Finally after a lot of breathing exercises, a couple tears and many doctors and nurses I have more blood drawn and am promised pain killers. The Big Burly Nurse comes in and he prepares an IV, (in my elbow!) and prepares to give me morphine, which I'm allergic to. (seriously, read the notes....) So he bustles off to find some other narcotic to inject me with, and comes back. It goes like this: inject, me freak out because I am immediately dizzy, BBN says it will pass in a minute and to breathe, I have no pain, but still dizzy. (and was until today)
The first doctor who I saw in the hospital comes in again and I can talk normally and not be gasping in pain, she tells me that I have the classic, albeit more intense, symptoms of passing a gall stone. She asks if I've ever been checked for gall stones -no. Ever had an abdominal ultrasound (not baby ultrasound) -no. Ever had blood tests to check for gall stones -no. So apparently my regular doctor who wanted to prescribe antacids is an idiot, and this isn't the first time she's totally screwed up... not the 2nd either. (new doc search commences when I get back from New Zealand) Anyhow the hospital doc says that she'll come back with the blood test results. Then BBN comes in and says I need to pee in a cup, which I hate. I do though, and one would guess I am so dehydrated that my pee would be consistency of syrup. (it wasn't) I later mention this to the doctor and she is convinced it's my gall bladder since dark urine is a classic symptom. The doctor comes back and tells me that my liver is behaving like the liver of someone who is a heavy drinker, except I don't drink, so it's a surefire sign that I have gall bladder issues. I am told that they are keeping me over night and I will get an ultrasound in the morning. If my gall bladder is infected or inflamed they will remove it. Which would mean that I would have to postpone our trip to New Zealand. Adam and Trixie go home since it's 2 in the morning, Adam was dead tired and Trixie was sleeping on me after having charmed the pants off of everyone until 1 am. I am left alone in the small ER room, listening to the chaos that is an ER. Adam and Trixie come back at 8:30 am, Adam's eyes are all red and Trixie launches herself at me, in the cute way that she does. (Trixie woke up several times, so Adam didn't get much sleep.) We sit around and wait and wait and wait. Then I am moved to the part of the ER where they keep people who have to stay over night. "It has a TV!" woo. Finally I am taken for an ultrasound. We come back to my new room. We wait, again, a lot. A new doctor comes in and... wait for it... I have gall stones! My gall bladder isn't inflamed or infected so I will have to make appointments with surgery and book an appointment to have it removed.
So YAY I get to go to New Zealand on time, but it looks like we might have to postpone trying to get pregnant, and hopefully we won't have to postpone it so much that I will have to redo the other surgeries I had earlier this summer.
Oh I was also prescribed vicodine... in case "the pain" returns.
So how was your night?

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ready for vacation

Adam here...

We're getting ready for our trip to Kiwiland. I'm looking forward to it, but it's making work a bit boring. I can't really start anything interesting, so I'm just working on little boring tasks. It makes the anticipation all the more palpable!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

International Baby Wearing Week

Did you know?
It's International Baby Wearing Week! And by luck, I will be wearing Trixie, Internationally this week! How fortuitous!
You know I love baby wearing, even now with Trixie being nearly 18 pounds. I've mastered the back carry using the Beco. I also use a New Native Pouch (although since I've lost weight, it's getting large on me and she hangs a little low, but she does love it!) and I use a wrap and do a hip carry. (I use a sliding knot, it's the same knot I used to tie my Brownie tie with when I was wee. I knew it would come in handy!)
So if you have a baby, try to wear them this week!

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Remembrance Day.

Normally I talk about my Grannie and Grampa a lot in November since there are so many dates that pertain to them this month:
Nov. 5, my Grannie's birthday and their wedding anniversary
Nov. 11, Remembrance Day, which was always important to my Grandpa, and therefore, me
Nov. 28, the day my grandpa died.

I still want to talk about them, but I've said a lot of it already. So I'll just link to it. But I had to mention them today, I think of my Grandparents a lot today. I told Trixie about Remembrance Day today, and we saw a ceremony (as we were driving by it) and I told her all about it. I'll keep telling her all about it. I'm going to make sure that she understands what today is all about, and why it's important.
She will remember too.


Monday, November 10, 2008


These are videos of Trixie laughing at/ with Adam as he pulled his sweater up over half of his face. Apparently that is highly amusing to an 8 month old.

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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Another day, another post....

It's Sunday, already?
I may not have thought through this posting every day thing... hmmm.
We went to a friend's today to play games and we brought Agricola, which is my new favourite game right now. Normally I like a game either as multi player or two player, but this is equally as fun either way. (it also helps that I seem to be able to kick ass at it!)
There are a lot of pieces in the game, but it's fairly easy to learn, but there is some good strategy, which makes for a great game.
Trixie also appreciates it for all of the colours!

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Saturday, November 08, 2008

i gots nufin'

It's 11:30 pm, and I am tired and have a totally blank mind. I can't conjure a decent post if I tried. So I will continue to eat my Halloween candy, (screw the diet, but did you know, I'm down 28.5 lbs!!), and I will contemplate posts, that don't require much energy.
Hey wait! Did I tell you the story about how Trixie was poopin' and scootin'? Oh, hmm that was yesterday's brain dead post.
Oh this child and her night time waking for the painful teefs! I swear I am getting less sleep now then when she was brand new. At least when she was new I could nap a lot during the day, and she didn't require much energy, short of feedings and bum changes, but now there is less napping, more moving and shaking. Oh but the cute? Did I mention the cute? I love watching her little personality emerge! But I'll save it for the monthly letter, oh I need to finish last months... tomorrow. (always tomorrow)
Hmm look a post emerged, but it's cut into my Hershey's Mr. Goodbar time. (they're surprisingly good, like a peanut M&M without the candy shell and in bar form, yum!)


Friday, November 07, 2008

I have a baby, her name is Trixie!

Come on, you have to give me a little credit, I've gone 7 days without a Trixie themed post!
So today while Trixie was on the potty I was working away on the computer and I heard this "scritch scritch" and I look down to see that she's pulling herself along with her heels, on the potty, while she's pooping. Funny, funny, funny. I wish I would have had the video camera ready to go, next time, I hope!
(we were in the office on the hardwood, we use her potty in every room, where ever we are in case the need strikes quickly.)

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Christmas Capers

Trixie and I went to the mall today to start our Christmas shopping, because I want to get a jump on it and we needed to get out of the house so she didn't drive me crazy.
Mostly we wandered around the mall window shopping and I tried to think of the perfect present for her first Christmas. So I decided that it should be a keepsake, and I thought jewelry, but I'm not sure what beyond that. An ID bracelet? But it won't fit her in a couple of years. A necklace? Same issue. Perhaps a small ring that fits her now, and then she can have it as a necklace charm in the years to come? Or perhaps a lovely pearl, then a new one at birthdays and Christmases until she has enough for a necklace.
So I am officially stumped.

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

YAY Obama, Boo Prop 8!

Lets start this post on a happy note, shall we?
So first of all, I am so over the moon that Obama won. And how great that it was California that sent him over the top and totally crushed McCain?
Last night we were at a friend's and we all crowded around her TV to watch McCain concede and to watch Obama's speech. It was pretty amazing, and I may have gotten a little teary eyed. I am so happy that I can look forward to the next for years rather than dread what might happen next.
On Jan. 20 I predict that Obama and family will rent a really strong steam cleaner to get the Bush stink out of the White House!

And the not so happy note.
Prop 8 passed, and I am not happy. More than not happy. I am devastated. I would like to be naive and say that I don't understand how a blue state could let this happen. But I guess, blue or red, hate is hate and there is hate, and this proposition was peddlin' the hate.
We were in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago and I saw a Yes on Prop 8 sign in a church window, which upset me. It bothers me that people use religion to perpetuate hate, and really, wouldn't a true Christian be tolerant? I think, too, that fear played a part, but I don't understand it. The Yesers talk about preserving marriage and whatnot, and I think that gay marriage does it's part to preserve it. Marriage is about love and commitment, not about penises and vaginas and the "proper" distribution of them. So for the religious folk who claim that marriage is only for a man and a woman, what about hetero people on their 4th or 5th marriages? I think that those people have destroyed the sanctity of marriage more then a lesbian couple who love each other and have been committed to each other for a long time. Furthermore just because the gay guys in the apartment next to you are married doesn't negate your hetero marriage, only you can negate your own marriage. So why the fear? Why the hate?
Also to add insult to injury one of the provisions of prop 8 is that only a marriage between a man and a woman is "valid or recognized" in California. Therefore anyone who was married is no longer; how horrible is that?
A friend commented yesterday that if you were to read the proposition and replace "gay" with "black" (or Chinese, Indian, white, blue eyed, brown eyed....) that it would be a horribly bigoted proposition. And yet, it passed.

I am sad.

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Obama Wins!

And the Nos take prop 8!
Those are my predictions. I hope they come true, because I can't imagine a world where they don't.
I really hate that Adam and I couldn't vote in this election. We did donate though, hopefully that will help. Every little bit, right?

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Monday, November 03, 2008


Four things today.

4- number of years since Adam's and my first date.

(This was taken 3 weeks after we met, Adam came to visit me in Vegreville and he wanted a picture to show his mom. Look how short my hair was!)

3- number of parental units (and grandparental units) we have

(My mom's side. l-r, her then boyfriend Mike, Adam, me and my mom. She's back with Mike now though, so I guess he's not her then boyfriend.)

(My dad's side, l-r, my step-mom, Gabrielle (who Trixie is named after) Adam, me, my dad.)

(Adam's side, his mom, Adam, me, his dad.)

2- number of weddings we've had
(During our January ceremony, becoming husband and wife, legally.)

(Kissy, kissy!)

(So happy.)

(Saying our vows during the June ceremony, wherein a lot of money was spent to have 130 people watch us reenact our committing to each other, we did take some poetic licence and make nicer vows and changing our attire.)

1- number of children we have

(The cutest Yoda, ever!)

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Sunday, November 02, 2008


Hey! Yesterday was November first! I did a blog post! That means it must be NaBloPoMo! And you know I can't resist a whole month of posting about the drivel of my life, except it's less drivel-y now and much more dribbly now! (I have officially used my exclamation point allowance for the day.)

(the early stages of the dribble, she's quite effective at it now, but I have no pictures of it.)

So even though I am going to New Zealand this year I will make a valiant attempt to post everyday. I'm not sure how I will do considering I will lose a day on the way to New Zealand. I think I'll have to employ some kind of technology to help me. I have no idea how to do this, it's a really good thing that I have a geeky husband!

I will not be doing NaNoWriMo this year though. I do not have the time for that.

Also since there is a new Tweedle in the house, we'll need a Tweedle-esque name for her. Suggestions? I'll choose the best suggestion and reveal it at the end of the month. (if they all suck, I'll cry.)

Have a great November!


Saturday, November 01, 2008

Poor Houdini

Living in California has left me a little stale on my Canadian news, and especially my Okanagan news.
I just found out today that highway 97 between Peachland (the town I grew up in) and Summerland (the town my dad lived in while I was growing up, which is right next to Peachland) is closed because the mountain is sliding. The problem with this is that this highway is the link between the Central and South Okanagan Valley. To get around you can go north around the lake, but that is a seriously huge detour, you can go through the mountains, which is a less huge detour, or you can take a free water taxi, but you are left without your car at the end, in an area with crappy transit. Luckily this is where the Valley has a natural economic break, because Peachland is associated with Kelowna and Summerland with Penticton.
Let's also say, that I'm glad that I'm not living there right now. There was a time when I had to drive that highway everyday, going from Summerland to Kelowna.
Now Houdini, he is a Mountain Goat that fell in the fissure that was created by the mountain slipping away. He was rescued and some guy with dreads gave him mouth to muzzle, so Houdini lives another day, and Dread Guy is now known as the guy who kissed a goat.

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