The Tweedles

Sunday, January 24, 2010

23 month newsletter

Dear Trixie.
Today you turn 23 months and I think I will call the month that passed the month of the singing. Lately you have been singing a lot, and you're not always singing songs that everyone knows. I love how you just sing along to the soundtrack in your head! It lets me know that you're my daughter, since I'm known to do that at well, I just tend to be a little better at making up my own lyrics, but I know you'll learn that skill too. Your two songs that you love to alternate between if you're signing a song we know is Old MacDonald and Happy Birthday. Old MacDonald is mostly "moo moo der, moo moo der, yiyiyo" and Happy Birthday is "happy happy to you, happy happy to you" over and over. It's adorable! Your nonsensical songs are pretty cute too, you'll sing about noises you hear, random words you've heard, or you'll just make up a sting of tones and have fun with that. And you have the most adorable voice. So sweet.
With your play you've really been working on jumping with 2 feet and for the most part you have it. Your Daddy will stack some books or some foam tiles for you to jump off to practice and it's become a favourite game. Each jump is always followed with a Happy Dance, which has quickly become your little signature to punctuate whenever you're really happy. You've also mastered walking down stairs holding on a hand and walking up stairs pretty much unassisted. I'm sure you could do both unassisted, but I like your head whole, so I'll hold your hand for a little longer to ensure it stays that way.
You so want to be able to ride a bike and get frustrated when I tell you that you're too small. We did buy you a baby seat for Daddy's bike though, so you can go for "bi-hi-cle" rides. Of course we have a helmet for you, we've had it for a while because you love to just wear them. I think in a couple months we'll be able to get you a bike, your Daddy and I are debating on which kind to get you.
Christmas came and went this past month, and you got a kitchen which you love to play in. You'll make me soup or tea or all sorts of other concoctions, I always tell you they are delicious, but I don't think I'll make bread, fish and lemon soup any time soon! You were given more duplo which you play with, and a cute little farm toy that you adore and play with nearly daily. I think your favourite toy though is a Caillou doll that I gave you. He does a lot with you, and your favourite game with him is hide and seek, Caillou always hides in your kitchen's fridge! You treat your Caillou doll like a big brother to your baby dolls, he never rides in your toy stroller and he never gets bottles or the babying that your dolls do. I think it's interesting that you have these divisions for them. You still love playing with your baby dolls, it'll go in waves, some weeks you're all about them and others you're interested in other things more. I think you'll make a great big sister though. You do seem to be a natural nurturer, but please remember, no blankets on baby's head!
In terms of getting ready for your baby brother, you seem to be excited. You know where he is and Daddy and I have shown you lots of videos of Mamas roaring to get the baby out of their bellies and you're always excited to see the new baby, then you ask for more baby. I wonder if you'll ask for more brothers after you see this one? We've started working on you saying the baby's name so you'll be ready when he's born. So far you've had no trouble and you know his name and that he's your brother. Looks like everything will go smoothly when he comes, although Daddy and I understand you might have some little hiccups, and that's okay too.
In an effort to get ready for baby brother I decided to make an honest effort to potty train you, but it went really poorly. We've learned that you don't handle being badgered well about some issues and you get stressed, which is a natural response. I think we'll hold off until you show more readiness. For a few weeks you were traumatized by the potty and would get really upset if anyone suggested it to you, but you're getting over that and you'll ask to sit on the potty again, which makes me happy! We'll take it slow and I'll let you let me know when you're ready. I don't think you're far off and we all know it's not a race, so take your time.
Your eating is the same. I've noticed that you eat best in social settings. Your Berkan Grandparents were here and commented a lot that you were a good eater, and you did eat great around them, and lead me to notice that you eat well around other people. When it's just you and me, you're less interested. I can have the most amazing spread of food stuffs for you and you'll just sample a couple things and proclaim yourself done really soon. I do have the most success if you are given things to dip and if you can eat off of my plate. Your growth is good and you're healthy so I'm not going to worry about this either.
With your speech you're amazing. You pick up words and phrases so quickly and use them in context really well. I love to see how your language develops. You're also counting a lot more, you know a lot of the countries on a world map and you love to colour and use stickers. Our days are busy with these activities, counting books, looking at a map, colouring, stickers and other such toddler activities. Oh and we play with your friends a lot. You adore your little friends and they love you too! I'm glad that I've found us such a great mother's group, so that you and I both have lots to do during the days and we've both made such amazing friends.
So my little love all in all this has been a busy month for us. Our last together, just the two of us! I am sure the next few months will be crazy, but we'll still have fun!
I love you!