The Tweedles

Monday, February 23, 2009

12 month letter minus one day....

Dear Beatrix,
One year ago today I went into the hospital after talking to my midwife because I felt a little off, and since I was nearly 41 weeks pregnant it was a good choice. While I was in the hospital the doctors, nurses and student doctors deemed that I was fine and were going to send me home to continue to wait patiently for your arrival, but then one doctor thought to do an ultrasound to check how you were doing. Low and behold you weren't doing all that well. Apparently you drank all of the water you were swimming in. So all of my hopes and dreams for a lovely home water birth were dashed and I was forced into labour. I was excited to meet you, but terribly sad that I was going to have to meet you in the hospital, not at home where I planned for us to have a lovely first moment. Finally after many hours of painful labour you were plucked from my tummy through a big ol' hole the doctors made to get you. When I first saw you I thought you were so beautiful, but I was so shocked at all of your hair, that I commented on that first! But sweet baby, it was love at first sight. And you know, I love you even more now, and I loved you a whole lot then!
So this last month has been busy, just like all of the other ones. You are even more mobile, which i didn't know was possible, but you can motor like it's no one's business! You've also started furniture walking, and walkig holding on to someone's hands. It's kind of funny to me that you're walking like this becasue you don't really want to stand unassisted. Sometimes you'll stand on the bed, but you don't like to stand on a firm surface, sometimes you're a strange girl, but I still adore you. Oh and also when I say walk, I mean run. You don't want to walk holding my hands, you lean way into it and run! When I keep up you stay upright and walk with no assistance, i think you just like the security of having Mama there.
My sweet baby tomorrow you turn one year old! I have been having a lot of nostaligic moments over the past few days, remembering when you were really little and the drama surrounding your birth and first week of your life. Mostly I remember how I felt to be your Mama, and how i felt holding you. How you were warm and wiggly and so perfect. Now you're still warm, and so wiggily and so perfect. I love being your Mama so much! It's the best thing I've ever done with my life, and I'm so lucky! I think that some of my friends have to work after they have their babies and i am so happy that i don't have to go back to work and that i can stay at home with you and play and have fun every day. You know, I think that you're pretty happy with that arragnement too!
Lately you've been grabbing my face, with your hands on both sides of my cheeks and laying a juicy kiss on my cheek, eye, mouth, chin, where ever it lands. Even though those kisses are slobbery and gooey I love them! You still play with my hair, and now you're convinced that it will make a good snack! You have started to use sign language consistently now, although you mix up your signs. You use milk and have started to use thank you also, and you know, please, potty, poop, eat, water, more and dog.

more later.