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Friday, October 24, 2008

8 month newsletter

Dear Beatrix,
Today you are 8 months old! I would count the number of days that 8 months is, but I'm tired and drained. You're a lot of work at 8 months, but you sure are fun. I think you might be a comedienne when you are older, you seem to have a sense of humour and it cracks me up everyday.
We've had a busy month and I will write about it all later.
(sorry, so busy!)

Monday, October 20, 2008

I only have time for bullets.

I have a bunch of posts floating around my head, but I can rarely find the time to sit and compose a post so I don't, and then most of it leaves my head.
Here's what's left.

1. My friend ran a marathon yesterday. She rocks. It was really interesting to watch the marathon, oddly. The vibe was really supportive and upbeat. There were a lot of people cheering the runners on, many of whom were excited themselves, even when we saw them the first time at mile 16. A lot of the runners were running for Team In Training, and I think that they come with a large cheering section of their own. But still it was amazing the amount of support that was there. I may have been moved to tears a couple of times. (shh don't tell anyone that I'm a total wuss)
Watching the marathon made me feel bad about the time when I tried to train for one and quit. (my shin splints, ohhhhh the PAIN) anyhow I wondered why some people run and put themselves through the pain. Running isn't good for the body really, it's horribly jarring and mangles you, and yet there were 20000 runners yesterday. Perhaps they do it for bragging rights, perhaps just for self satisfaction, perhaps to raise money for charities like TNT. It's interesting, I think the last 2 reasons are totally admirable, the first isn't. Boo on braggars.

2. Trixie is always on my mind, I am always composing posts to talk about how amazing she is and how much I love her. I would write one everyday, but then I wouldn't have much to write in her monthly newsletter. But golly I love that baby, I knew I would, but I didn't know that it would be this amazing. A few weeks ago I was trying to figure out the amount of time I've spent with her since she was born. I would guess between 95-97% of her life she's been within arms reach of me. How amazing is that? My percent is so high because I wear her all of the time, I take her everywhere with me, I sleep next to her and I really love being with her. We're working on potty training with her, and I'll tell you more later in her newsletter, but she rocks! She had a watery tummy a couple of days ago, and even then she had only 2 poo misses, she made it to her potty every time. Yay for less poopy diaper laundry!

3. Politics. Oh this is a big one. I really hate that I can't vote. It's not fair, my husband pays taxes here, we own property here and I have an American baby, I should be able to vote! I actually care to vote as well! Anyhow I'm sure you would have figured that I would vote for Obama, (duh) but what's really frosting me right now is Proposition 8. It kills me to see ads on TV prompting people to vote yes on prop 8. Seriously, vote yes? As in deny a human basic rights? And this is supposed to be the best country on earth?
I'm so glad I'm Canadian.

So to summarize, Regan is a running goddess, Trixie is adorable and all people deserve basic civil rights, because what will be next? Taking the vote from women? Ugh!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Third time's a charm!

On Monday I went in for my third, (yes third!) operation in as many months in order to make my uterus baby ready. And by golly I think we've finally gotten it right this time. To avoid the intense pain I was in from the last surgery where I was awake and felt every scrape of my uterus I was put to sleep this time. This left Dr. Scrapes A Lot free to scrape the inside of my uterus without worrying about my pesky screaming, however that means I didn't get to watch the surgery on the TV screen, which was pretty cool last time, and it means I couldn't ask him my standard millions of questions. He did talk to Adam after he was all done with me and I was waking in the recovery area. He let Adam know that my uterus is all scraped clean, that I had a balloon in my uterus to prevent it from collapsing and scarring together and that basically I survived.
Today I went in for a post op. appointment and he removed the balloon from my uterus, which sucked. (he just pulled it out, OUCH!) He says that I didn't have as much scar tissue as he'd expected but I did have a lot more polyps than expected. We're waiting for the results from the lab to see just what kind of partying Trixie was doing while she had taken up residence in there.
All in all everything looks good. I just need to heal from this summer of surgeries and we can start trying to have another baby.
very exciting!


Saturday, October 04, 2008

More on babywearing.

I know I have been accused of being "one of those parents". You know, those parents, the ones who wear their babies and practice attachment parenting and believe in other lofty ideas where you actually *gasp* make your baby your up most priority, above yourself. *gasp*
I read this article and it just rings true to me. There have been times where I've been in the mall and I would wear Trixie and push the stroller laden with bags rather than carry the bags and push the baby. When I do this people so look at me funny, but it makes sense to me, I would much rather cuddle my baby and smell her baby smell than carry the stuff.
But that makes me "one of those parents".
And you know, that's totally a title I'm okay having!

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