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Monday, April 03, 2006

It's an interactive one today.

So today at the gym I was all proud of myself. I'll tell you why, but first I want you to try. Note to all of my pregnant friends, firstly, I'm happy for you!! Second, don't do this at home, or work ladies, I don't want to be responsible for flat headed babies!
Movin' on to the demonstrantion, find some floor space that is near the computer which is big enough for you to lay streched out in. If there isn't a spot clear, then clear one, because obviously you need to clean anyhow! I'll wait.
Ok moving on.... Assume the position, on your stomach face down. Then come up on your elbows, forarms on the floor, elbows under your shoulders. Now your feet, place them in the push-up position, ie on your toes. Now elevate your body, you are making your body flat, like a plank. And hold. For a minute. You'll make some noises, and sweat a lot, you might even fart and pretend you didn't, but keep holding! If you can do it for a minute, either you are amazing, or you are doing it wrong. Anyhow today I did it for a minute! If you listen really carefully you will hear the fan fare blaring. Now I'm not saying that I am amazing, but I have been working so hard, so very very hard. And my trainer, Killer Julie, says that 30 seconds is good, 45 is great and 60 is excellent. Now I have to be able to do it with one foot off the floor. Sigh, that's why I am reveling a little. (Oh and I may or may not have let out a little uhhh.... extra air shall we say.... Dude it's HARD!)

Everyone comments how great it would be to not work. It's great and all, I get to take courses for fun and go to the gym when it's not full of meatheads. However there are some disadvanteges. Holding the isoabs (see above) for 60 seconds is a highlight for me. I've also started watching Full House at 3pm. (That little Michelle... so cute.) It's bad people, bad... but that's ok, cause I get to see Tessa soon, yay!


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