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Monday, April 24, 2006

Maggie Hermonie

This is a picture of the 2003 concept one, but it looks like our Maggie. She's black too with the tinted windows. Same tires and rims (aluminium alloy). She is a V8 with a Hemi, or a V8 Hemi, or however you say it to make it sound like you have any clue what you're talkin' about. All I know is my car has a Hemi!!! She has 340 horse power (Adam's Corvette has 345) and she is pretty! Maggie is big enough to hold all of our toys and future family extensions, you know more dogs and kids... stuff like that. She has a grey leather interior and a Boston Sound system.
Maggie is used, but only by the manager of the dealership and really bearly used. What I think is cool is when we are on road trips she'll kick down from a V8 to a V4 (if that is the proper way of saying it) to save gas. Oh and best of all, I look hot in her!

And for the skeptics, I haggled an awesome price. The best part is when the closing salesman came back to tell us that his manager wouldn't let us get it for price X, I asked if I should talk to him. The closer guy and the sales guy both looked right stunned and hesitated for a minute, saying that no one has ever asked that before. Anyhow, the games people, the games. When we are talking about buying a vehicle that is more than 25K talking to me about a hundred dollars kinda irritates me when it's early in the neogotiations. I told the sales guy that $200 is not important and that I could spend that on a couple pairs of shoes. Do you know what he came back with?
"But would those shoes give you such a great investment?"
Sigh, I told him that he made a silly comment and that I wasn't going to talk in terms of hundreds I was only going to talk in terms of thousands. He gawked at me a little and said ok. So long story short I got the car for less than what Adam and I agreed on together and less than what they would even go for in private sales according to the Kelley blue book.
Oh yeah. Also I will continue to refer to her as her and Maggie. 'Cuz she's so pretty!


At 4/25/2006 11:46 AM, Blogger harmurphs said...

when are you going to be hear with Maggie....i want to go for a
I am sure that chachi just loves his new wheels........


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