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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Beautiful BC

I'm here I made it mostly in one piece. I had issues getting here, but I'm here, and it's lovely. It makes me wonder why people think that California is so nice. It's warmer here, there isn't bucketloads of rain everyday, and it's easier to drive here. I almost don't want to go back except, Adam's there, and it's cool to say "I live in California".

The line-ups in the SFO airport were hellacious and drove me close to insanity. So much so that I snapped at the incompetient counter idiot who nearly made me miss my plane. Normally in these situations I am all calm and pleasent as that normally encourages people and they try harder for you. This didn't work for her, I had to bring out TweedleBitch, and did I ever. I even had to, yes, HAD TO, snap at a supervisor and some other misc. dork-izoid. I tried the being nice route but they would have nothing at it. Their actions clearly asked for me to bring out my inner bitch. I normally keep her under strick supervision; because Internet, she's MEAN! Anyhow she served her purpose and went back into her little hidey hole and hasn't immerged since. I'm dreading going home though. Airports and me lately do not mix, worse than vinegar and oil, becasue at least that is a pleasent mix. So the reason I don't mix? Not only did TweedleBitch make a long awaited appearance, but they lost my luggage! So for those of you who are keeping track at home, luggage was also lost when we flew into California. Can you see why I don't want to go back, I'm scared of what will happen next. But for you to find out what will happen next, you will have to stay tuned into the saga of the Battle of the Tweedles and the Airports.

When I got here, I didn't get the car I wanted, they upgraded me, I know I shoudn't whine about that, but I was looking forward to driving something small like an Echo. Now I have a Malibu, and it has a V6 or 8, which I know what it means, but really I think vroom vroom and super vroom vroom. I like the vroom, but it comes at a cost, and when gas is close to $1.10 a litre, sometimes less vroom is great.

The best part of the trip? (I know you are dying to find out.) Was seeing Tessa. I went over to the bro's place of doom and gloom and he called Tessa to come and see Auntie, and she came running, full speed out of the other room and hurled herself at me, screaming "AUNTIE!". It made me so happy. So happy that I won't taint it with some lame assed metaphore. She is inexplicably cute and you can't help but want to eat her up and pick your teeth with her little finger bones. We spent some quality time together. And by quality I mean her screaming bloody murder when you try to pry her out of the bathtub even though she is so deeply wrinkled that you wonder if her skin will split. We also decorated Easter cookies. You know, I piped the icing on and she stuck her fingers in it, licked them and stuck them in again. I think she was adding her own little touch. Like everything is much better with samples of her DNA in it. I am sure the best part of the cookie decorating for her was eating the candies. I think she ate them as fast as I could get them on the cookies. Luckily she is her father's child and her metabolism is like super de-duper vroom vroom. We also took her to a sushi joint, she was all good and ate some of everything and made everyone marvel over her adorable self. Unfortunatly I didn't get to see her today, she spends time with the baby mama on weekends. Which left me free to be aassaulted by the spawn of pure evil. (More on that later.) In any case I am happy to see her. I couldn't write about it too soon because I has to let TweedleBitch simmer down or this post with be full of *#$&s and @&%!s which is hard to read. Also I am still savoring the "AUNTIE!", I don't think that will ever get old.



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